Late period

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Fireandflames666 Wed 19-Feb-20 07:30:39

This month I've had a UTI and had to take Nitrofurantoin on two separate occasions (six days in total). I was due to start my period on Monday but there's no sign of it at all. I've poas several times already and all are clearly negative. Has anybody else ever had this problem?, I'm feeling very concerned as my period is never late.

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ahran2k Wed 19-Feb-20 10:36:31

If you have been ill your body responds by moving the resources away from reproduction system to recovery from illness so your period can sometimes be late. It is quite normal and the period can be 3-7 days late.

Fireandflames666 Wed 19-Feb-20 11:26:18

Thanks for replying. Hopefully it turns up soon then, lol

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