Stoma woes.

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Bubblemonkey Tue 18-Feb-20 19:35:59

I’ve had a stoma almost a year now... the last couple of weeks my skin has been really itchy. No real issues with the skin to see, it does look as if I’ve got almost a razor rash around the baseplate, though 🤨

It’s probably a long shot asking but does anyone have any wise words? I’m already using a skin barrier & haven’t changed my routine at all.

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EmNetta Fri 24-Apr-20 01:12:28

This is probably too late to be useful, but I can remember having a bad reaction to a new bag in the first few months after the operation.

I told the specialist nurse I seemed to be allergic to the adhesive, she disagreed without suggesting
any other reason, but supplied some cream which
did help, and no further problems.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I'd ask your designated nurse to have a look, or your GP, and before it gets worse. Hope you've recovered now.

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