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Upper leg pain..

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MoodyMargarette20 Mon 17-Feb-20 22:54:33

For the past month I have had pain in my upper thigh (sharp pain feels like a burning sensation) that just wont shift, it gets worse of an evening once I am laying down/in bed. I can't lay on the side that hurts as it's just too painful.
I have had no fall or accident to cause this and do not have any swelling/bruising etc.
I can't sleep with it and day by day it is getting worse. I am still active, going about my daily tasks but going up and down the stairs in painful. A ten minute walk is taking me double the time sometimes longer.
My GP probably wont have any appointments until wednesday but I will try to get one.
Has anyone else experienced this?

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bluebell34567 Mon 17-Feb-20 23:01:35

have you tried to massage it gently with a warming gel something?

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