Why can’t I eat in the evening?

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Lostchocs Mon 17-Feb-20 21:00:59

I’m really struggling with stomach issues. So as not to dripfeed, I have IBS, I had a colonoscopy last summer which was clear (although apparently indicated that BAM could be the issue. This was ignored by the specialist though - he refused to do the test for it). I take some amazing probiotics which control the diarrhoea caused by my IBS and I’ve done an exclusion diet and have excluded all foods that trigger pain, nausea or diarrhoea. I love food, am a couple of lbs overweight but don’t look it and I don’t have an eating disorder.

My problem is that I can’t eat an sort of evening meal and haven’t been able to for well over a year. It started when I began to notice that if I went out for a meal in the evening my stomach would swell massively and cause me a lot of pain until I fell asleep that night. It didn’t seem to matter what I ate or if I overate or not (same problem whether I ate just a small main course or a massive three course meal).

This progressed to the point where I cannot eat a proper meal on the evening without a world of discomfort even if it is very bland and light. I try regularly but all it does is write off my evening. At 5pm today I ate half a chicken breast, a couple of florets of broccoli, a few spoonfuls of rice and some gravy. None of these foods cause any stomach issues for me if I eat them for lunch, but I am here 4 hours later with a stomach like a balloon that hurts so much.

Does anyone have any idea why I can’t eat properly in the evenings? I end up snacking instead (a few crackers and cheese or crisps or some chocolate and a piece of fruit or half a sandwich). It’s really unhealthy but I can’t eat a meal.

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