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Need a question answered about the coil.

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blossomhill Sat 02-Oct-04 21:13:28

I have had my coil for 5 years since the birth of my dd. It is exaclty 5 years and I don't know what to do. Does it stop working after 5 years or would I be okay for a few months. I really am not sure whether to have another fitted. I definitely am not having any more children and the pill is not an option.
When is a good time to have it taken out. Do you have to be on a period like when you have it in. Oh and does it hurt a lot???
I am so scared I am going to get pregnant as I am so fertile usually!!!!!
TIA Blossomhill

Yorkiegirl Sat 02-Oct-04 21:15:38

Message withdrawn

blossomhill Sat 02-Oct-04 21:35:30

Could probably do with having it done Monday or Tuesday then! My gp doesn't do it so have to visit FPC.

blossomhill Sun 03-Oct-04 10:48:07


rosies Sun 03-Oct-04 15:10:37

i am not sure that bang on the 5 years, it suddenly stops working. (mind you... stranger things can happen!).

i also think they leave coils for 7 years (copper ones) but if you give the FPA a ring, they will tell you. this link says 12 years!

i went to a different doctors surgery... some surgeries have a reciprocol agreement, so its worth asking... even your receptionist, if you say why you'd rather not go there.

rosies Sun 03-Oct-04 15:11:25

oh and after children, its really not so bad having it taken out... and even having another put in... lol but not something i'd do everyday!

HelloMama Sun 03-Oct-04 16:10:58

The manufacturers tend to only recommend copper coils (regular coils that is) to last for 5 years because sometimes the copper becomes inactive after this time, and it is thought that the copper part is the most important part of making the coil effective. Some manufacturers so guarantee them for longer, but it depends what sort you have. Having them removed is vitually painless so don't worry about this, and if you're happy to continue with a coil, they can put another one in at the same appointment when you have the other removed.

chezbabe Sun 21-Jun-09 00:34:13

Ive just had my third coil fitted - would always advise the family planning clinic even though my last one was fitted by a trainee (GP) - opted for family planning as own GP would only do the one with hormones - stick to your principles!!! Never had any problems since my first one twelve years ago and and the fact that this one will last till my menopause (im 40 next month) is a bonus. I maybe lucky my mum had hers implant itself - but fiddly unattractive condoms and unnessesary hormones this has to be a consideration for women who have had children especially the over 40s who dont plan on more children???

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