very occasional airway obstruction

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smallzoo99 Sat 15-Feb-20 19:31:13

For over 10 years occasionally ( maybe 5 times a year ) I will be talking and then suddenly get an airway obstruction. First one was frightening but further ones I learnt to cope with. You can hear the wheezing as I force air into my lungs but once Iver coughed a few times slowly the obstruction goes and I can breathe normally again ..usually lasts less than a minute. Its probably more frightening for my family than me. Today however was frightening even for me, I am just recovering from an ear infection ( first time in over 40 years ) so I was already clearing my throat a lot. Today the obstruction happened but this time it was very difficult to breathe at all. Again after a minute and lots of coughing it cleared.
I know now I need to see a consultant so wondering if anyone can recommend one in cheshire. My local hospital is MCHT ( east cheshre/leighton ) but happy to travel to the best consultant

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Flossie44 Sun 16-Feb-20 14:05:13

Have a google for inducible Laryngeal Obstruction. Look at some videos on YouTube too. Sounds like it’s this you’re having.

Go to your gp and get a referral. It’s a really horrible condition.

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