Scarring in lungs following pneumonia

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woodencoffeetable Sat 15-Feb-20 14:09:05

I have scarring in my ling due to untreated childhood asthma. homeopathy doesn't work mum

it doesn't caused me too many issues (yet) but I'm at higher risk of copd.
I try to keep my lungs healthy by not smoking, not having open flames in the house, no air fresheners/aerosols, play a wind instrument, do cardio exercise (preferably outside)

Rhapsodyinpurple Sat 15-Feb-20 14:02:16

I have scarring in my lungs as well as other bits and pieces. Some of my scarring will never go - too much damage caused there, but other areas have shown a bit of an improvement.

When I see the specialists they tend to just keep an eye on me with repeat scans, sputum samples and antibiotics if required. For other issues they took a wait and see approach, which I was happy with.

As you are feeling physically well, I would try not to worry. It might be something that you have to come to terms with as any interference might make it worse. I have bronchiectasis too which is permanent lung damage.

So don't be surprised if they don't seem to actually do a lot, other than a lot of CT scans.

ScarlettDarling Sat 15-Feb-20 13:47:44

Bumping. Anyone?

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ScarlettDarling Fri 14-Feb-20 17:23:40

I had pneumonia over Christmas and recently had a follow up x ray to check everything is ok. I feel pretty good so was really surprised today to get a message from the doctor's receptionist telling me the x ray showed scarring in my lungs and to make an appointment to discuss this. They can't give me an appointment til March and I'm already feeling my anxiety ramping up. Has anyone had this? Does the scarring improve or is it permanent? Does it cause any problems? Any reassurance greatly appreciated.

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