Does this sound at all menopausal time you? Or should I see a dr?

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PrettyyGood Fri 14-Feb-20 16:00:37

I'm 48. Have had regular 5 day periods for 35 years which have always appeared on the dot every 28 days. They are light I suppose and always have been more or less

For the past year I have noticed they don't come on day 28, sometimes it's day 25 but the length of them remains the same

However this month I came on 9 days early. And, 8 days later, I'm still bleeding as heavily as day 1 of a period.

No pain or anything but for me to come on so early and it still be going on after a week is just unheard of. So... is this menopause type stuff? I know on the one hand I'm positively ancient but on the other hand, the average age is 51 isn't it? Do I just put up with the bleeding until it decides to stop?

Thanks in advance

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margaritasbythesea Fri 14-Feb-20 16:08:49

I've had similar recently, although with symptoms up to a year, and gp over the phone thought it was worth a proper consult and ultrasound. It was precautionary only and they found nothing. I'd ask for a telephone consultation to see if they want you in.

PrettyyGood Fri 14-Feb-20 16:16:54

@margaritasbythesea thanks for that.

I actually had a scan about 6 months ago and that was completely normal. But I may call the dr and just make a routine appointment
Just got visions of him/her saying 'err menopause?' and me feeling pretty stupid. I know longer periods/ erratic periods is about the first sign and I'm getting there age wise

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rosie39forever Fri 14-Feb-20 21:57:39

If your having periods your not menopausal, you're peri menopausal you need to be period free for 12 months in your 50s or 24 months in your 40s to be considered menopausal. Strange cycles and prolonged bleeding is par for the course in peri and can drag on for years so you're quite normal. If you are worried ask your GP for an ultrasound to rule out anything else.

Mintypylonsfryingsurplus Sun 16-Feb-20 21:19:06

I was 48 too when my periods became very irregular to the point I didnt know when I was due at all.
After 10 months of that I got terrible anxiety insomnia and felt rubbish all the time. A few weeks before I was 49 I started on HRT and they niw regular again. Doc said I was very perimenopausal.
I know going on HRT was drastic but I felt so awful I just couldnt face another 5 years of that. Especially as my mother had periods until she was 54.
I hope you get it sorted 💐

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