8 year old's foreskin - used to retract - won't now

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AtomicRabbit Fri 14-Feb-20 10:41:40

So DS and DD were in the bath about a year ago or more and DD said to DS when he retracted his foreskin all the way down "urgh, that's disgusting stop doing that".

I said something like "no it's not" and just carried on.

I asked DS recently to pull his foreskin back to give it a clean when he was in the bath and he said "It won't go back anymore Mummy" and I realised he hasn't pulled it back since that comment from DD. I don't know why I didn't notice until now.

So i said to him that what DD said was wrong and his willy is lovely and not disgusting and what he was doing was completely normal.

But it's too late - he said it hurts now to go any further than about 1cm. He can't go any further than that.

He used to be able to pull it all the way down from about the age of 5. He said it's got tight.

What should I do?

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