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Is this a sufficent two week emergency referral for possible breast cancer

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2020again Fri 14-Feb-20 04:57:52

I am just asking for some clarification. About a month ago I was sent for a a two week emergency referral due to breast and armpit pain (I have a family history of breast cancer). I should add I had a similar referral about 5 years ago and they were very thorough and I had an ultrasound, mammogram and examination.

This time I just had a mammogram and a very cursory examination which must have taken less than a minute and I was told there were no problems.

The pain has not stopped and recently I have now started having what I can only describe as a burning sensation in my breasts.

It has now occurred to me that I only got the first test - basic mammogram and not any ultrasound to double check any issue (I know an ultraound can pick up different things to a mammogram).

Please does anyone know if this is a sufficient emergency referral. I absolutely still do not feel right and still have the pain and now the burning too but I am unsure if what was done is enough. If it is thorough and I am fine I will just have to get on with the symptoms but I am just not sure that enough was done to see if there is an issue. Thank you for any advice.

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Skap Fri 14-Feb-20 13:28:29

Did they give you an opinion as to what was causing the pain?
Don't be shy of being a nuisance where potential cancer is involved.

I was exactly like you. I had pain in my breast for years, no lump. Twice I went tot he breast clinic, the last time being 2017. They did a mammogram and ultrasound and found nothing, I was sent away and told it was unexplained breast pain and not to worry.
A year later I had a routine screening mammogram. All clear.
Then a year after that 2019 I felt a lump in exactly the spot where I had had persitant pain for years. This time it was confirmed as cancer. The lump when removed was only 7mm but I remain convinced that something was wrong there all along.

FeedMeChoc Fri 14-Feb-20 14:35:32

In my area they use ultrasound if you’re under 35 and mammogram of over, so maybe that’s why?

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