Had a biopsy today... feeling scared

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fortunacookie Wed 12-Feb-20 19:28:49

Abnormal cells on cervix
Found when I wanted a coil fitted
I'm aged 48
Had pain and bleeding random for few months
Not ready to leave my kids without a mum sad
Not sure what advice I want just worried really

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fortunacookie Wed 12-Feb-20 19:31:26

Feel so tired too n asleep by 8.30 most nights ....

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NoSauce Wed 12-Feb-20 20:11:58

Waiting is always hard. Hope you get your results soon. flowers

catnidge Wed 12-Feb-20 21:34:09

Hi @fortunacookie, I had abnormal cells picked up on my smear which turned out to be a form of endometrial cancer.
I had three months of bleeding and back/pelvic pain.
I had a total hysterectomy and have regular checkups.
Just wanted to let you know that even the 'worst' news can be treatable and manageable.

The waiting for results was horrible as you stuck in limbo.
Have you been told when you will get you biopsy results?

Zebracat Thu 13-Feb-20 18:16:08

Hope this s going ok for you

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