Pharmacy question about Naproxen

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quirrels Tue 11-Feb-20 16:06:18

Is half a 500mg tablet the same as one 250mg tablet, assuming they are not slow release or enteric coated?
So if I cut a 500mg tablet in half does that mean it has half the strength or that it lasts half as long?

I am struggling to get the balance between pain relief and gastric side effects on Naproxen. I have a big flare of rheumatoid arthritis and until the RA drugs kick in I am taking NSAIDs plus lanzoprozole.

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Spanneroo Tue 11-Feb-20 16:27:21

In short, no, it's not a half dose, though it's likely to be within 15-20% of half a dose. In your position, if a full dose is safe for you, just with unpleasant side effects, it should be fine to give it a try with this in mind.

quirrels Tue 11-Feb-20 17:23:14

Thanks spanneroo.
GP gave me 500mg tablets to take twice a day, so happy for me to have 1000mg. They did a reasonable job of pain relief but I had diarrhoea and stomach ache.
After the gastric issues she prescribed 250mg to take 3 times a day but I cut some of the bigger ones up until I could get the prescription.
Problem is that pain peaks between 5am and 10am so ideally a dose at about 4am would help but you have to take them after food.

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TheBlueStocking Tue 11-Feb-20 17:26:21

I'd be really careful swallowing naproxen without a coating. If you end up with an ulcer, you may never be able to take NSAIDs again.

Is it possible you could try paracetamol instead at 4am? Or aspirin?

Spanneroo Tue 11-Feb-20 18:44:07

Bluestocking has a point about 4am naproxen. Have you tried paracetamol/cocodamol at this time? You may find the codeine helps counteract the diarrhoea too grin

quirrels Tue 11-Feb-20 18:59:12

Thanks folks.
Good idea to take paracetamol at 4am. Not keen on taking cocodamol, as this might be for a few weeks.
I was prescribed naproxen without a coating, didn't ask for it. I presume that's why they gave me lansoprozole.
I had to stop hydroxychloroquine temporarily, hence RA flare. Now back on it but it takes a while to kick in so need anti inflammatory and pain relief meanwhile.

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