Best OTC treatment for thrush?

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SkullsOnRoses Mon 10-Feb-20 08:07:55

Have been suffering a while. I get a small breakout when my period is due but usually only lasts a day or so.

But this time it's not gone away.

Have used canesten 2% and still here.

Driving me crazy.

There's so many options. Oral pill. Different creams. Pessary

What should I get?

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SkullsOnRoses Mon 10-Feb-20 08:27:28


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RedIsWhereItsAt Mon 10-Feb-20 10:39:05

Following. I've tried the oral tablet twice since autumn but I keep having little breakouts, I feel as if it's not quite going away.

ShirleyPhallus Mon 10-Feb-20 10:41:03

I’d get the peasant (but the chalky one, not the gel one) and also the oral tablet and do them together. Not sure it’s recommended but that’s what I’d do!

If it still isn’t better then go to the doctor as they can give you a stronger dose

RedIsWhereItsAt Mon 10-Feb-20 10:49:00


The pessary? Autocorrect I presume grin.

Hensintheskirting Mon 10-Feb-20 10:57:18

I had this recently, thought it had gone with the tablet and the bugger kept coming back.

The only thing that finally knocked it was attacking it with everything. Tablet, pessary, cream for 7 days. Throw everything at it and if that doesn't work - go to the GP and you might need a course of the tablets.

Don't buy Canesten because it's expensive, you can get fluconazole (the tablet) for about £4 unbranded, ask the pharmacist and you can get an unbranded pessary too, much cheaper.

ShirleyPhallus Mon 10-Feb-20 11:01:41

Oh shit @RedIsWhereItsAt yes the pessary!!


RedIsWhereItsAt Mon 10-Feb-20 11:05:11


you can get fluconazole (the tablet) for about £4 unbranded

Ooh where?

crystalize Mon 10-Feb-20 11:05:38

Try taking probiotics and bio natural yoghurt regularly. Healthy gut bacteria really prevents and treats it.

Hensintheskirting Mon 10-Feb-20 11:12:17

@RedIsWhereItsAt if you ask the pharmacist (maybe not Boots but an independent one) they will probably have them behind the counter - not dodgy, just as opposed to on the shelf! It's my understanding that most pharmacists will offer an unbranded alternative where possible. The price difference is crazy even though they're literally the same thing.

RedIsWhereItsAt Mon 10-Feb-20 11:13:37

Lovely, thanks!

bobstersmum Mon 10-Feb-20 11:21:31

Go to pharmacy and ask for fluconazole. One tablet and its gone in around a day. Less than a fiver.

bobstersmum Mon 10-Feb-20 11:22:07

Sorry cross post!

SchoolNightWine Mon 10-Feb-20 11:40:20

Cut out as much sugar from your diet as you can. I had months of recurring thrush, treatments didn't work and sometimes made things worse.
Candida apparently feeds on sugar, and cutting it out worked quickly for me and I've never had it again since. I just cut out obvious sugars - chocolate, biscuits, cake, wine - and can now eat them in moderation and be fine.

RedIsWhereItsAt Mon 10-Feb-20 15:25:21

Oh very interesting @SchoolNightWine as I eat a LOT of sugar but have been thinking of having a drastic cut down so thanks.

SchoolNightWine Mon 10-Feb-20 15:46:53

@RedIsWhereItsAt Yep, I ate way too much sugar at the time, and it's been a good incentive to keep me from eating so much since - even chocolate isn't worth getting thrush forgrin Hope cutting down makes a difference for you too.

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