Would you bother dr with this? (Period related)

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Sharkyfan Sun 09-Feb-20 15:34:37

My cycles changed maybe about 6 months ago - having always been 28-30 days I now seem to be getting periods every 3 weeks and this time it’s more like 2.5. They last about 5 days. This time there’s also lots of very dark black/brown blood which I think just means it’s old stuff.
I think the cycle length is still within normal bounds but should I ask the dr or not bother?
I’m 38 and not taking any oral contraceptives or other meds

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ahran2k Sun 09-Feb-20 17:50:43

If your cycles have changed like how you described please visit your GP to diagnose the underlying cause. You are too young to be in perimenopause and the cycles you have suggest hormonal disturbance, could be caused by thyroid or ovarian cyst or may be some deficiency. If it was one time it could be stress but 6 months should not be ignored. I am not saying it is serious but it is good to know the reason and sort it out before it becomes nuisance.

Sharkyfan Sun 09-Feb-20 18:31:01

Ok interesting thanks.
I was thinking it might just be start of peri menopause and something I have to suck up. Was not thinking that it could indicate anything serious, but maybe it is worth a visit. I just know they’re so stretched this time of year.

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