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The Invisible ...... Mango - 10 / 10 thread - all welcome

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FrannyandZooey Mon 03-Sep-07 08:18:20

For anyone who wants a boost to their general health. The suggested goals are:

EAT 10 PORTIONS OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLES EVERY DAY - if you don't usually eat much fruit and veg I would build up gradually or you could upset your digestion.

DO (AT LEAST) 10 MINUTES OF EXERCISE EVERY DAY - can be yoga, stretching or something more energetic. The plan is that the idea of doing 10 minutes is not too daunting, and having started you may well find you want to do more.

There are no restrictions on what you eat so long as you get your 10 fruit and veg as well. The focus is not on weight loss but on improving our energy levels and hopefully our general mood and well-being. Sign up below and post here to tell us how you're getting on and how you are feeling.

Basic guidance on what constitutes a portion of fruit and veg here and you can download more detailed information by following the link at the very bottom of the page.

FrannyandZooey Mon 03-Sep-07 08:36:51

Have eaten plums (4 little ones), apple, melon, raisins

Morning all

Here's to a new and cheery week

zippitippitoes Mon 03-Sep-07 08:48:27

ok this is my last full week before college starts shock

I have done nothing to prepare myself and haven't got the b house finished

but i can't get myself motivated

also last week for plenty of time for exercise

so I should get up now and get on shouldn't I

oh and ds back today so that will be another big project for me to organise

BBBee Mon 03-Sep-07 08:54:04


I am going punting today. If I wear orange people might mistake me for a punting mango.

filthymindedvixen Mon 03-Sep-07 09:30:59

All hail the invisible curnting mango!! grin

Next title I do want In Gourd we trust, I like it very much

Why are you all such nightbirds, I cannot stay awake past 10.30 and I miss all the fun [grump]

It'sa beautiful day here and the last day of the hols but I must barracade myself in my room until I have finished the curnting homework which I was given 6 weeks ago and still haven't done...I am so good at procrastinating.
See you all later when I will be infused with smugness and productivity!

SauerKraut Mon 03-Sep-07 09:32:18

LOL! You would have to wear some green too, though.
I have been feeling too shy to post much recently as you are all too witty for words and I can't keep up! I have also been paradoxically ignoring the existence of fruit and veg while trying to get rid of a stinker of a cold. So here's to a new beginning, hopefully.
LL, although I haven't been posting much, and you probably don't even "know" me, I have been lurking like mad on this thread, and am very sorry to hear of your illness. I wish you all the strength in the world- you've already displayed loads. And you do have wonderful recipes!

Papillon Mon 03-Sep-07 09:43:20

I like it, in Gourd we trust. Such vivid imaginations fruit and vege does bring!

Hi Sauerkraut, another longer term but very occasional visitor to this thread. Saw it only had 6 posts so thought would stop by as can load quicker, my NZ connection and pooter snail like.

Thanks for the wishful invite to the meetup, hope afew of you get together

SauerKraut Mon 03-Sep-07 09:51:11

Hi Papillon! I'd love to come to the meet up too, but it can't be done from here at the moment. I am hoping the next one can be in Switzerland- you can all camp in our garden and go for improving walks in the forest! Incentive- if you walk far enough you can see the Jungfrau on a clear day!

BBBee Mon 03-Sep-07 09:54:38

Hi Papillion and SauKraut - nice to see you again.

I am feeling really sluggish so am thinking baout cutting carbs right down for a while - do you think this will help?

Has anyone tried this?

After punting we are shopping for school dulldom. Will go to market bit nad get lots of vegetables and fruit. Market man is always flirty in that creepy way though which puts me all a fluster. There is a chocolate shop so I might look fo rhte crying chocolate - oh but that's carbs isn't it. Well will cut out carbs after crying chocolate.
Coffee isn;t carbs though.

Boco Mon 03-Sep-07 09:55:50

I'm glad my gourd one is getting some votes. I was very proud of it.

Having a cleaning sorting tidying day today i hope.

My dd2 has a new imaginary friend today called Jospular. He is round, he eats only starfish, his favourite thing is play dough and horse riding. He doesn't like hats. She's telling me all earnest and serious as if he's right here listening. [freaked out by jospular]

BBBee Mon 03-Sep-07 09:56:45

<sharp intake of breath>#

you are in Switerland - how beautiful! Whereabouts? are you near Germany? Switerland is somewhere we hope to visit in the next few years - my boss worked there for a while but sadly he always flew here for meetings and never me there.

BBBee Mon 03-Sep-07 09:57:19

is he related to peter shaklebot?

SauerKraut Mon 03-Sep-07 09:58:59

Hello BBBee! Not eating enough carbs just makes me hungry, so instead I eat spelt bread and pasta, and brown rice, and find I feel better. What really seems to work for sluggishness, though, is a fast walk, every day if I can and a lot to drink. Must have missed something- what's crying chocolate?

Boco Mon 03-Sep-07 10:00:50

Yes please to meetup in switzerland!

No Bee [rolls eyes] Peter Shakelod is an actual soft toy pig. Jospular is completely invisible. Like the mango. ( i asked that too, and dd2 did a despairing hand movement.

SauerKraut Mon 03-Sep-07 10:01:40

I am 15 miles from the German border- near Baden in the canton of Aargau. Al those bods in old novels used to come to the spa here as part of their Europe tour. It's full of faded gentility.

Boco Mon 03-Sep-07 10:02:03

SK, crying chocolate is actually soap. Don't eat it, some do, but they're wrong as you shouldn't eat chocolate flavoured like flowers.

SauerKraut Mon 03-Sep-07 10:02:42

I would seriously love to put up any 10/10-ers who would like to visit!

SauerKraut Mon 03-Sep-07 10:04:09

Oh, pity. Never mind, I eat enough shit as it is, without getting interested in any other kinds.

Boco Mon 03-Sep-07 10:04:14

SK anywhere near Wattville? I au paired there kind of, when i was far too young to be allowed, was awful, but beautiful place.

SauerKraut Mon 03-Sep-07 10:10:59

Can't seem to find a mention of Wattville, whereabouts is it?

3andnomore Mon 03-Sep-07 10:14:57

Firstly....Lullaby...I just read your message on the other thread....oh that is so shite for you, it really is!
Have you considered drinking green juices, they are meant to be fabulous for healing yourself....
am reading a really inspirational book right now, when I bought it I had no idea that Juicing was going to be part of's a true story, written by Bernadette Bohan, the book is called "The choice" and basically it describes the journey and fight of one woman against cancer....she didn't decline conventional treatment, just used healthy eating and juicing and sprouting as a tool to increase her health and free her system to fight the disease. I know you don't have cancer, but you did mention you want to make some changes in your diet, etc....

And I would think cutting out manmade carbs can most certainly increase energy levels.
Cutting out caffein is another good thing though....because they create a false high, just as sugar does (and caffein actually makes us crave sugar, you know), whcih of course will be followed by a sudden low, which then will make us seek the next high...well, just the normal addictive cycle really I suppose....
Now all thsi makes such sense to me, so, why am I finding it so hard to live by

Franny got your E-mail, but am unable to open the file

lol FMV

Sauerkraut...don't worry about being witty or not...I am not witty neither, don't stop me from posting though, lol...
And be careful what you I would love to go camping in Switzerland...we got the camping bug now.... that an invitation for all of us to come and visit you in NZ? Whereabouts are you there...not that I have ever been, but used to go out wth a lad from NZ...he was from Auckland or was it Oakland....can never remember how it was spelled, the one in NZ...

Boco, don't worry about the imaginary friend...I think it's quite normal...well...I would think that, as I used to have a imaginary friend when I was little she was called Ellie, and we did everything together....well...all the other Kids were already in school, so, I got a bit lonely and bored in the mornings....

Hi there Zippi

So far I had a Galia Melon and a Banana. So, a good start...

Boco Mon 03-Sep-07 10:15:14

I might be spelling it wrong - i'm not sure, but was in the german speaking bit - a drive from Zurich. In mountains. Have blanked out the bit about the 2, 4 and 6 year old and the alcoholic mother and the two 20 year old builders and the bullying male father and how we all had to stay in one huge room of this giant house that was being renovated and i had to sleep behind the sofa, and a 20 year old on the sofa, and i was 14 and they'd thought i was going to be older because my mum mislead her friend the alcoholic and the bathroom didn't have a door only a curtain and dressing and washing and going to the toilet were terrifying ordeals.

3andnomore Mon 03-Sep-07 10:26:23

Aargau/Canton...sounds lovely!
Have never been properly in Switzerland, i.e. for a proper longish visit, but have been twice at the Rheinfall von Schaffhausen, when visiting the Black that was sort of just over the border.....and that is certainly most beautyfull....such an amazing waterfall, etc...

3andnomore Mon 03-Sep-07 10:26:49

ojh and lol at crying chocolate being soap...might nto better eat that then, lol

SauerKraut Mon 03-Sep-07 10:31:23

That sounds horrific, Boco. We are 15 mins train ride from Zurich, so probably not far away. And to think I whinge about my au-pairing experience! It was nowhere near as bad as that.
3andnomore, I'm sure your tent would fit beautifully in our garden!

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