Mole removal - advice please!

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JBCG Sun 09-Feb-20 07:58:08

Thank you all. It just shows you shouldn't just accept the first thing you read on google as true! I don't know why I'm being scared about this!! I had a baby 9 months ago so it can't be more painful than that!!

I shall keep my appointment and try to not be such a baby about it!

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Unicornsdosparkle Sat 08-Feb-20 20:53:36

I have had a few removed. The last week one was frozen off and was the easiest I had done. The worst was 21 years ago and I'm left with a biggish scar from the awful stitches. Good luck flowers

tenredthings Sat 08-Feb-20 20:05:16

I've had loads frozen off, nothing to worry about, mild discomfort whilst the stuff is put on them. Worse thing about it is my dermatologist always draws a big circle round them first with indelible pen and once let me walk out the surgery with a blue circle drawn on my forehead confused

Confuseddotcommm Sat 08-Feb-20 20:04:54

I have had a mole removed (an unsightly facial one) but it was around 15 years ago. They used local anaesthetic and then cauterised (burned??) I think. I didn’t feel any pain, just a sting when the anaesthetic went in. It’s well worth asking for information ahead of the treatment and other methods if you are uncomfortable. Although I highly doubt the NHS would be employing any methods that were unproven / intolerable, if that is any reassurance! If you are paying privately, you can choose a service that you are happy with.

lifeonprivetdrive Sat 08-Feb-20 20:04:23

Its fine. Stings a bit but absolutely fine and better than surgical removal.

I have had about ten removed, one was so deep it needed internal stitches, the freezing off is a piece of cake compared to the alternatives.

JBCG Sat 08-Feb-20 20:01:28

I have an appointment to have 'cryosurgery' next week - and I made a mistake and googled it. I am now terrified and don't want to have it done.

I went to see my GP a few weeks ago as I've noticed some changes in some moles. He said there was absolutely nothing to worry about, that they looked fine but he'd like to freeze them off anyway. I asked why they needed to be removed if they looked fine and he just sort of mumbled about it being better to remove them even though there was nothing to worry about.

So I made the appointment and promptly went home to google the procedure. The first thing that came up was that they don't use any anaesthetic and it can be painful for up to a week around each mole.

I'm now questioning if I need to actually have them frozen off if he said there was nothing to worry about. I'm aware that I'm just being an absolute coward but I'm scared and don't want to do it!

Has anyone had it done / have any advice? Does it actually hurt as much as google says it does??

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