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Pre Menstrual Thrush

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forsale Mon 03-Sep-07 00:13:54

why does this happen and how can i prevent it in future? Have spent the last 2 days in agony randomly slathering live yoghurt around my vag and installing canesten straight to teh site. Now my period has started the itching is sbsiding quite quickly as though its flushing the gunk out - but what a few miserable days ive had.

hellish Mon 03-Sep-07 01:27:47

i have same, have done for years.
Go to GPs, insist on some treatment, my GP said there are loads of things to try, I had some treatment that changes the alkalinity of your vag.
Don't be fobbed off with canneston or other stuff you can get over the xounter

madamez Mon 03-Sep-07 02:19:50

Soda bicrab in your bath,NO bubble bath EVER, abandon ( or at leat boil) your knickers. DOn't war any knickers but cotton, never wear tights under trousers. And (if you are not condom users) get your DP to get treated as well, because couples can pass thrush backwards and forwards indefinitely.

forsale Tue 04-Sep-07 05:46:38

sadly it appeaars to have cropped up again in the early hours of this morning. Anyone have any ideas for internal itching?? please <begging>

Olihan Tue 04-Sep-07 07:31:45

I was told that a dollop of live yogurt up there can really help stop the itching and help treat the thrush as well. Easiest way of getting it in the right place is to use a syringe, like those you give babies medicine in.

You have my syympthy, I was plagued by this for years until, weirdly, I got pg when it disappeared and never came back.

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