Shingles For The Third Time - Do I Need Anti-Virals Again?

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Evenstar Sat 08-Feb-20 08:43:06

I first had shingles in 1998, then had them for the second time last summer after a steroid injection. Last night after feeling tired and unwell all week I realised I have got it again, I have had antivirals for both previous episodes, do I need to get an out of hours appointment as I know you should have them within 48 hours? Also are there any tests or investigations I should ask my GP for as I believe it isn’t usual to get it 3 times?

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abbekusum Sun 09-Feb-20 16:25:26

It is unusual to get it more than once. If the lesions haven’t been properly diagnosed in the lab then it’s a good idea to ask for that to be done this time. It’s a simple viral swab and should be done to guide the type and level of antiviral therapy.

Elouera Sun 09-Feb-20 16:28:27

I'd be seeing a Dr for strong analgesia and anti-virals! Where on your body is it? If its across your face, especially if eyes are involved, I've known people to be hospitalised due to the risk of complications. Yes, its a pain to try getting an appointment, but anti-virals can certainly reduce the length and extent of the illness.

Worried2020 Sun 09-Feb-20 17:08:00

What’s your diet like? Just out of interest x

Bufferingkisses Sun 09-Feb-20 17:41:51

It's not unusual to get it more than once!

Evenstar Sun 09-Feb-20 19:47:35

Hi thanks everyone, I got an out of hours appointment yesterday afternoon. I am on 5 Acyclovir daily and CoCodamol as needed. Doctor said I need to make a GP appointment as they will want to do some tests to rule some things out. Advised a week off work to let the rash scab over as I work with the elderly and small children, although it is round the waist area so covered anyway.

Diet is good, I eat some meat,dairy, eggs, lots of veg including home made soup, berries, very little sugar or carbs (gluten free due to intolerance) almost no alcohol. I walk daily and do yoga and have never smoked.

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