Stitches and putting a plaster on

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Geekster1963 Fri 07-Feb-20 22:52:32

I had a skin biopsy on Monday and took the dressing off on Wednesday as instructed. The wound looks fine but I keep knocking it as it’s on the side of my hand. Is it okay to cover it with a plaster if I change it daily? Or does it need to be left uncovered.

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Elieza Fri 07-Feb-20 23:20:50

Plasters make your skin go soft and wrinkly. I can’t imagine that would be good for stitches.

Perhaps a cotton glove or fingerless glove if you prefer would be a breathable and slightly protective solution to this problem instead, if you must have something?

Or a stack of two round flat cosmetic cotton wool pads with a hole cut out of the middle of both taped to your hand so the site is protected sort of but not covered? I’d suggest corn plasters but they can apparently be soaked in some kind of chemicals so you don’t want that near a wound.

Geekster1963 Fri 07-Feb-20 23:56:51

Thanks, that sounds a good idea about the cotton wool. I was thinking that it shouldn’t be constantly covered.

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