High blood pressure in twenties.

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mumsnoangel Fri 07-Feb-20 20:15:57

I found out when I was at university that my bp was on the high side. Around 130 over 90. There's lots of bp issues in my family. Over the years I occasionally had it checked by the doc and I came off the pill as it was not advised with my bp issues, but other than that I just kept an eye on things. Ended up on medication in my early 40s. No bother. Pop one pill a day and will probably always have to. It's important to just be aware and keep an eye on things. Recommend keeping slim, doing some exercise and eating well but sometimes it's a genetic thing and you have to just accept you need to take a tablet. Safer to keep things under control.

Dreamersandwishers Fri 07-Feb-20 19:33:55

Does anyone else in your family have high blood pressure? That may make a difference to whether it is lifestyle or not.
They could medicate you and suggest lifestyle changes with a view to stopping medication later.
I am no medical qualification btw, I just have high bp , diagnosed in my 30s when I had a stressful job. Despite changing that and exercising regularly, and being a tad thin, I still have high bp 20 years later. Seems it’s inherited...
All the best for Monday

ADJ1151 Fri 07-Feb-20 19:13:10

Just to add I’ve already had blood tests to check for other things such as thyroid issues, diabetes etc which was as all fine!

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ADJ1151 Fri 07-Feb-20 19:10:51

Quite a few months ago I visited the gp. He checked my bp who said my bp was a little Hugh but not excessive. He wanted my to have a monitor fitted for the day to see how it fluctuates throughout the day.. that was in November.

Hadn’t heard anything so assumed all was okay. I tried ringing for my results but the receptionists at my surgery are useless at answering or trying to help. Assumed no news was good news. Until..

I’ve had a letter to go in and discuss my results. It does specify to make a non urgent app so they obviously aren’t ok worried. Considering it was months ago I first went to the gp for another problem.

I received the letter a month ago. My appointment is on Monday as they couldn’t fit me in before.

So.. if my blood pressure is high. Advice?

Only 28. Am overweight and certainly not in denial about needing to lose weight - I do, don’t smoke, don’t drink, quite active. Despite being overweight my diet isn’t terrible. But I am under considerable stress and suffer from anxiety.

What do you think they will do? Medicate me or try lifestyle changes? Not much change of reducing the stress in my life but I need to chill more.

How common is high bp in twenties?? Anyone else?

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