Chin and neck hair

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imgettingold Fri 07-Feb-20 11:59:02

Well I've reached a certain age and last year I noticed the odd random neck/chin hair, only a few so I got into the habit of using veet which worked.
Fast forward to towards the end of the year and I was noticing a few more but probably not more than 10 but veet no longer worked or rather it did but I got burns so had to put on lots more foundation to disguise the burn marks.
I got fed up of burn marks so thought maybe shaving is better but I was having to shave weekly unlike with veet every couple of weeks.
Well there is now about 30/40 predominately on the neck and I've been wearing a scarf (indoors too but saying full of cold and don't want another cold).
So last week I looked online and found a tweezer epilator type thing and ordered it but I've spent 30 minutes using it to remove 2/3 hairs. I can probably dedicate a Sunday to spending 1+ trying to remove them but surely there has to be something else more effective. I can't afford electrolysis so what options do I have, invest in a little epilator type razor thing I've seen or will this still take an hour? Do I pluck each one individually with tweezers? Or is there cream like veet that wont burn?
It's starting to make me self conscious and avoid looking at people.
I have a 40th tonight so think I'm going to have to veet and burn and lots of foundation unless I can get the hang of this epilator tweezer thing and have more success.

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LonginesPrime Fri 07-Feb-20 12:17:25

Have you tried threading? That's quite effective and non-invasive.

Are the burns chemical burns? I guess if they're healed then the threading should be ok, but I'd go and ask them before paying in case they can't thread over the burns.

santasbigbum Fri 07-Feb-20 12:33:33

I tweeze and epilate. I check most days and remove any I find. I have PCOS and have found the more weight I lose the less there are.
If it's really bothering you, you could have laser treatment. I had one session years ago and then found out I was pregnant so I couldn't afford more sessions

Silveryfox Fri 07-Feb-20 12:37:24

I pluck mine. I'm 47 and have pcos which causes hirsutism anyway. I have to shave my upper lip every other day as theres too many to pluck, but the ones on my chin and under my jaw I try to pluck because I don't want to get to the point of having stubble there lol. Threading is ok for people with fine hear, and weak roots, but not for me as some of the hairs/roots are very strong and dont come out. Plucking is the only thing that works unfortunately

Littleshortcake Fri 07-Feb-20 12:38:22

You shouldn't have to suffer like this. Are you using the sensitive facial hair remover? Nair or something like that. I had laser hair removal but before that I had the jml remover (I got it in asda but I think argos have it) approx £15. It has to be used daily though to work

actiongirl1978 Fri 07-Feb-20 12:46:12

I have had a hairy neck since teenage yrs and now lots of hairs on chin and sideburns.

I use a fluff remover from Amazon, a bit like shaving but less harsh. I just use it whenever, have one in handbag and all the bathrooms in case I see myself with different light.

Pack costs about 5 for 8, they last about a month each.

onlyconnect Fri 07-Feb-20 12:59:41

I always think that whoever solves this issue could be a millionaire. I have lots of thick hairs that are really stubborn on chin and neck. Hair remover cream and even waxing leaves them behind. They're reddish but not dark enough for laser treatment. Really annoying. The only solution I have is plucking with tweezers which gives me spots. Good luck OP!


imgettingold Fri 07-Feb-20 13:13:30

Thank you all for the replies.
LonginesPrim, not tried threading but will look into it, yes chemical burns.
Silveryfox next time I think I will try plucking. I am I couple of years younger than you but also have PCOS. It's stubble I worry about, I only know one person who has neck/chin hair and they shave every other day and now have thick stubble which I think I wouldn't be able to cope with.
Littleshortcake, yes sensitive and it never use to burn but now does (tingling now)
actiongirl1978 will look into fluff remover, does it leave stubble? I like the idea of something small enough to carry around. I'm now very paranoid so this would be ideal?
onlyconnect I have more spots now than I ever did. Never had any as teenager.
I gave up with the tweezer epilator thing and tried veet again but it started tingling so reluctantly shaved but will look into everything above to try to come up with options that dont involve stubble or burns.
Thank you.

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actiongirl1978 Fri 07-Feb-20 14:05:00

actiongirl1978 Fri 07-Feb-20 14:05:33

This kind of thing. I use them all the time. (Lots of different brands available)

imgettingold Fri 07-Feb-20 14:24:14

Thank you actiongirl1978

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BusterGonad Fri 07-Feb-20 17:43:03

Get a operated shaver thing, I have a Veet one, for eyebrows, chin, top lip etc... Its the best, takes 2 seconds, lasts a few days, no pain, no rash. It might not feel 100% smooth to the touch but looks completely fine. I've tried it all and this is by far the best way for me

BusterGonad Fri 07-Feb-20 17:44:46

Or the JML rose gold thingy, I've heard (on here) that it's good.

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