What the heck are these two lumps on my abdomen?

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trumpisaflump Thu 06-Feb-20 06:56:23

Since October I have had the worst abdominal bloating ever. I'm slim so it's really pronounced! My GP ran bloods and it showed I have an underactive thyroid and I started on treatment for that and my bloods are now normal. As the bloating didn't go away my GP referred me to a GI surgeon and he recommended an endoscopy and stomach biopsy. The endoscopy showed mild gastritis, negative for H Pylori and the biopsy results for coeliac should be here in 6 weeks.
My bloating is still so bad I'm struggling to eat so I'm going back to my GP tomorrow. I also have these weird lumps on my abdomen when I lean back slightly. This photo is first thing this morning. By nighttime they are huge! Anyone know what this is? Maybe something gynaecological? I'm going to ask for an abdominal unltrasound but thought I would ask what it might be before I go. Thanks.

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trumpisaflump Thu 06-Feb-20 07:51:58

Anyone? It's early I know smile

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trumpisaflump Thu 06-Feb-20 09:43:08


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picklesdragonisawelshdragon Thu 06-Feb-20 09:49:16

No idea, sorry. (Bump).

LovelyPearl Thu 06-Feb-20 10:00:43

I can't see any lumps confused

Apolloanddaphne Thu 06-Feb-20 10:02:06

I don't see any lumps either, just a perfectly normal stomach.

trumpisaflump Thu 06-Feb-20 10:03:24

lol really? Perhaps they don't show well in the photos. They are just above my hip bones.

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AwdBovril Thu 06-Feb-20 10:05:52

Take a photo this evening if they are more pronounced at that time of day. I'm not sure if I see them either, TBH.

YicketyYackMamasBack Thu 06-Feb-20 10:07:40

Are you on about these lumps?

Apolloanddaphne Thu 06-Feb-20 10:11:14

Are they not literally your hip bones?

SmileyClare Thu 06-Feb-20 10:12:28

Could be a hernia *
Symptoms would include a swelling or lump in abdomen. This can alter depending on time of day and can be pushed in or feel like fatty tissue to touch.
Will be seen on an ultrasound and quite easily resolved with keyhole surgery.
*Disclaimer, I'm not a doctor!

trumpisaflump Thu 06-Feb-20 10:14:42

No not my hip bones. I've circled the lumps and crossed the depression in the centre of my abdomen.

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picklesdragonisawelshdragon Thu 06-Feb-20 10:20:22

Are they soft?

picklesdragonisawelshdragon Thu 06-Feb-20 10:22:00

As you are so slim, they could be pockets where gas is collecting. If you are bloating, the gas must be somewhere.

Lindy2 Thu 06-Feb-20 10:23:12

I can't see the lumps in the photo but if you can see them and it's not normal for you, then you should point it out to your GP. I also think asking for some kind of scan/ultrasound is a sensible idea.

I hope you get it sorted.

Haybo26 Thu 06-Feb-20 10:26:44

Its gas...I get exactly the same but just on the right hand side.

trumpisaflump Thu 06-Feb-20 10:27:58

The lumps feel like muscle if that makes sense. I wondered if it was Diastasis rectus but my DS is nearly 10 so thought I would have noticed by now. My GP felt for a hernia when I first went months ago but he couldn't find anything. Thanks for replying everyone. I'm feeling a bit down and worried about this today. The bloating is really affecting my quality of life as I can't fit into my clothes, have gone off sex and it's really uncomfortable.

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trumpisaflump Thu 06-Feb-20 10:29:02

I think it's probably gas too. I look 9 months pregnant by evening.

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eandz13 Thu 06-Feb-20 10:44:35

I'm slim and have these lumps too just perhaps not as prominent. I thought it was just muscle as they're more pronounced if I tense up my stomach. I've never thought much of it

trumpisaflump Thu 06-Feb-20 10:50:38

@eandz13 I'm probably being silly and over anxious. My DH has them too! I think I'm just so worried about the bloating I have and the investigations I'm undergoing for bloating that I'm panicking about everything!

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inwood Thu 06-Feb-20 11:11:47

Looks like your hip bones, have a look at violin hips on google. I really can't see anything else.

trumpisaflump Thu 06-Feb-20 11:21:24

@inwood no they are about an inch away from my hip bones. Violin hips! That's a new one on me.

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Butterfly98 Sun 09-Feb-20 10:31:51

@trumpisaflump if you are worrying a lot about this and if those swellings weren't always there then 2 things you should have checked are your kidneys and your ovaries with blood tests and ultrasounds. HTH

trumpisaflump Sun 09-Feb-20 11:52:56

Thanks @Butterfly98. I was worried about ovarian cancer but my GP ran a Ca125 blood test and it was 16 so presumed negative for ovarian ca. I would really like a CT of my abdo and pelvis but the GI surgeon I saw recommended an endoscopy which showed mild gastritis and they have taken stomach biopsies to check for coeliac which I gather will take weeks to come back. When I saw my GP on Friday he was surprised the surgeon didn't recommend a scan and thought I should wait till the surgeon got back to my GP. But that could all take months so I think I'm going to get a private scan. It's £500 which I really can't afford but I've looked 9 months pregnant since October and I'm really worried about what's going on inside me.

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Butterfly98 Sun 09-Feb-20 12:24:41

@trumpisaflump that's a very good ca125 result so I don't think you have to worry about your ovaries now. It could simply be gastro / intolerance related especially as you said you're more bloated in the evenings. Have you tried keeping a food diary or cutting out certain foods even? Pockets of air /gas can get trapped in the gut which would usually cause a colic type of pain. Btw yoga is often recommended and is excellent for releasing trapped gas so maybe give it a try if you haven't already? Apart from the bloating do you feel otherwise well in yourself?

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