Feeling very nauseous after new contact lenses fitted - maybe because of the astigmatism? Or something else?

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loveyouradvice Wed 05-Feb-20 22:52:09

Feeling perplexed and hope someone might know more than me.... Im guessing uncorrected astigmatism might make one nauseous/dizzy - wondering if this is true? And if so, whether it wears off.

So this afternoon: I walked in to the opticians wearing two contact lenses, not being able to see very well - and walked out with new contact lenses seeing much better, but within seconds the high street was making me feel a bit dizzy and disorientated and I have felt very nauseous ever since, in spite of taking left lens out.

Walking in:
- Right eye: minus 8.5 (distance eye)
- Left eye: minus 9 and minus 1.25 for astigmatism ("reading" eye but didnt work - possibly cos cataract also developing)

Walking out:
- Right eye: minus 9 (distance eye)
- Left eye: minus 11 and no astigmatism correction as doesn't go up higher than minus 9 (changed to distance level)

- might it be because I haven't got the astigmatism correction? or because a stronger lens? or any other ideas???

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LeGrandBleu Thu 06-Feb-20 07:27:37

Do you trust the measurement taken? Going from9 to 11 is a massive jump. Was it done at supersavers? I found their measurement always extremely off.

loveyouradvice Thu 06-Feb-20 10:03:15

Yes do trust the measurement . Complicated by having cataracts developing - op will happen in few months.

It was moving me from highest astigmatic lens I could easily have to what was right for distance, so yes, measure right as of yesterday - but my eyes are fluctuating a lot at the moment on a daily basis1

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