Should I buy some UTI test strips?

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allthesharks Wed 05-Feb-20 07:48:21

I'm pregnant and had two premature deliveries. I had recurrent, symptomless UTIs in both pregnancies and the consultant thinks that could have been the cause of the premature deliveries. They are going to send a urine sample off once a month, rather than just dip it. Where it was previously symptomless it's difficult for me to know if there's a problem, it was only ever detected my the urine dip when I saw the midwife or consultant. With that said, I wonder if I've got a UTI now. I don't have the typical UTI symptoms, but my urine does smell a bit stronger than usual and I've got a bit of stomach pain/discomfort but that could just be where my bump is growing. It's two weeks until I next have to give a sample but if I do have an infection they want to treat it "aggressively". I don't want to waste the GPs time just for them to do a urine dip, which could be fine, so I've found some urine test strips on amazon, I wonder if they're worth buying. Has anyone bought and used any?

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