Anyone had this - DH after groin hernia op leg numb and can't take weight

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postopworry Tue 04-Feb-20 23:44:44

DH had a hernia op today (open repair of previously failed groin hernia op).
He was last on the list and didn't get to talk to surgeon after as by the time he woke up they were gone for the day. They are keeping him in overnight for obs as the recovery area was closing down for the night too.
Once he properly came too he wanted to walk to the loo which they said was fine but his leg gave way and it's completely numb on the bottom half of the inner thigh (can't feel my nails even if I scratch there). The ward is really low staffed with one bank nurse and one HCA and they don't have time to do much, said it's common, see how it is in the morning.
DH went into a complete panic that something has gone wrong and he won't be able to walk (he does a manual job). I kept telling him it will all be fine, it will settle, Dr Google says this can happen and it will repair.
I'm actually really scared for him though as after his last op he could walk straight off no problem.
Anyone had experience of this with their DH and found it did right itself?
Thank you so much to anyone who knows anything about this....

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LeGrandBleu Wed 05-Feb-20 00:07:17

When DH has his hernia repaired in an open surgery, this didn't happen. If I had to guess, I would say , they might have injected local anaesthetics as my DH had a small pump of local anaesthetics inserted in his groin which was gradually releasing the meds for 3 days.

Was it a general anaesthesia or local with only sedation?
My advice would be to fight dismissal from hospital and ward until this leg numbness/weakness/ paralysis is present.
Hopefully, the effect will have vanished by tomorrow

postopworry Wed 05-Feb-20 00:15:37

Thank you for the reply LeGrandBleu. It was a GA. I did wonder if there was some additional local anaesthetic, he has orange stains around the top of his thighs so not sure what that came from.
It's just scary when there is no one qualified to speak to after the op. We will push for this to be looked at tomorrow if it's not resolving. I couldn't take him home if he can't walk anyway as I have a terrible back and couldn't move him anywhere.

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LeGrandBleu Wed 05-Feb-20 01:03:06

The orange will be iodine. They often brush you with a iodine (betadine or similar) sponge before every surgery unless allergic.

My DH's had a tube connect to this strange small ball the size of a baseball which gradually became smaller and smaller until empty.
So very different .

Just in case, keep a log of who you did refer this to, at what time and their answer. And maybe do it in front of them so they see you are taking notes and it might make things move quicker.

Meanwhile, read this as it covers small things as communication as well as bigger things

ThePawtriarchy Wed 05-Feb-20 05:18:25

Hope he’s feeling better? flowers

postopworry Wed 05-Feb-20 07:58:15

thank you both. I'll be sure to ask questions and note down what we've asked to who.
He said he managed to shuffle to the loo this morning so that's a relief but still cant take proper steps. On my way up there now. Will update later.

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LeGrandBleu Wed 05-Feb-20 07:59:56

Fingers crossed 🌷


Greybeardy Wed 05-Feb-20 08:01:26

With the usual caveats about not being able to comment specifically about medicine online, and assuming you’re talking about an inguinal hernia repair.... the femoral nerve (supplies sensation & movement in the leg) can be numbed with local targeted at the inguinal region and having to stay in because of a weak, numb leg isn’t unheard of by any means. Should get better as the local wears off. Hope that’s all it is.

postopworry Wed 05-Feb-20 11:28:47

Thank you again to all who commented. Things much better now. Turns out they did indeed put in local as well as the GA but nobody till him/us and all the info he had said he could expect to walk straight after. It was only on the doctors rounds this morning that they explained what they had done. It's not on the discharge summary either.

The lack of communication is so poor, DH was really worried all night and didn't sleep when he could have done with the rest and he kept trying to test out if he could move or walk and thus risked hurting himself worse! He is a glass half empty person at the best of times and this really pushed him to all the worse case scenarios. Last night apparently a "nurse practitioner" came around who again was not able to see the detailed notes of the op and meds applied and was talking about it probably being a "bruised nerve", whatever that could mean.

As usual with the NHS some lovely staff and talented surgeons let down by the overall system, the poor communication, the fragmented record keeping. Add to that sitting about for 6 hours waiting for the op to come up in a room with friends/family waiting for others, many of whom selfishly were breaking out whole takeaways next to people like DH who were really hungry and couldn't eat and others with coughs and colds sitting there, it's been a really trying experience.

Really appreciate the knowledge and thoughts from those who replied, thank you flowers

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LeGrandBleu Wed 05-Feb-20 18:24:13

What a relief it must be for both of you.
Local anaesthetics was what first came to my mind and later another OP also mentioned it, so how could a nurse not say it and spare your DH a night of worry.

All is good, turn the page and enjoy playing nurse with your DH while he recovers at home.

postopworry Thu 06-Feb-20 00:01:04

Thank you LeGrandBleu so much for taking the time to help. He's so relieved tonight to have his leg back :-) He remembers now that they said just before, we'll give you something to make the pain less when you wake up. He didn't have a clue though that that meant total numbness and leg taking no weight for some hours.....

Sadly the few staff on overnight seemed to be Bank without access to the operation notes. Even on discharge what the doctor said about the dressing (leave it for a couple of days and then you probably won't need another one) totally conflicted with what the nurse said, who gave him spares and said clean are reapply every 2 days. It's like people there are working in parrallel and not together.

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LeGrandBleu Thu 06-Feb-20 07:00:20

It is very frustrating. I have been in a similar situation in which for a week I was convinced I was going to die!

postopworry Thu 06-Feb-20 11:10:21

that sounds awful!. Hope you are well now?

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LeGrandBleu Thu 06-Feb-20 19:53:32

I am absolutely fine, but I have a genetic condition which puts me at a 60% risk of cancer and if we get it , the prognosis is bad compared to the normal population. And after a breast MRI, they found something, and had biopsies taken, but the wording of the radiologist " it is quite vascular " which means important blood supply, for me was a confirmation of cancer, and knowing that we don't respond to cure, I was convinced I was going to die from breast cancer.

IN the end, it wasn't cancer, but I had the scariest week of my life.

postopworry Fri 07-Feb-20 23:13:41

glad you are OK, that must have been an awful wait for you.

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