Head MRI Shows White Spot

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TheRugbyValkyrie Tue 04-Feb-20 20:51:40

Apologies in advance for the long post.

At the end of October, I had a "funny turn," with stroke like symptoms. My daughter rushed me to A&E, que 2 days of tests including CT and MRI.

Anyway, stroke was categorically ruled out, but blood tests showed I was suffering Lithium toxicity.

At the beginning of December I received an appointment for another MRI for the following week (ie bloody fast 😁).
I confess, I didn't think much of it.

Wednesday last week, I had a phone call from my doctor's secretary asking me to attend hospital on the Friday.
I went and the doctor explained that the first MRI had shown a white spot and the second was to check if it had grown.
As there was no discernable growth, but I needed to come back in approx 8 weeks for another scan.

He asked if I had any questions and inevitably, I couldn't think of a damn thing. BUT, since then, my brain has been going into overdrive.
I've resisted the temptation to google, as that way, madness lies. Plus it will probably tell me I died 6 months ago 😂

If you've got this far and can shed any light, I will be eternally grateful. My 21 year old daughter has already named it Terry Tumour. Gotta laugh I guess.

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LeGrandBleu Wed 05-Feb-20 05:01:29

I don't know what you have, but I want you to know that white spot are not that rare.
I have a genetic disorder called NF1 and UBOs (unidentified bright objects) are one of our features, even if nobody know exactly what they are and why they come (and sometimes go) /

Your white spot might not even be a tumour but a simple intramyelinic edema. Do you have any medication? Some medications can cause changes in brain white matter.

And given your nickname, were you or are you a rugby player? Even very mild brain injury in rugby can cause changes in the myelin content of white matter. If you are indeed or used to be a rugby player, this is something you should report to the neurologist.

TheRugbyValkyrie Thu 06-Feb-20 14:56:58

Hi LeGrande
Thank you for your reply. One of my biggest faults, is overthinking. Everything 😂.
The neurologist is aware of my medications and ruled them out.

You deduced correctly, I played rugby for 16 years. I was very lucky to have very few injuries and only 1 diagnosed concussion.
It is entirely possible that I had other concussions but there was a lot less awareness in those days.

I wasn't assuming I have a brain tumour, but inevitably that thought is buzzing around my head and won't leave.

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LeGrandBleu Thu 06-Feb-20 20:51:07

anyone would overthink. I certainly do!
I would tell the neurologist about the rugby past, maybe send a two lines email before the next MRI , it could make the difference on how they read the scans.
The latest on contact sports and brain, is that even small injuries of which the players are totally unaware can produce changes.

So, maybe give the neurologist a call if you haven't already mentioned rugby

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