What is this rash on my dd

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Springiscoming20 Tue 04-Feb-20 18:11:41

Any idea what his is. It’s in patches around her tummy and back. All raised Tony blisters. She says they are sore but she’s totally fine in herself. They are patches bigger than a 50p in places

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WTFKeee Tue 04-Feb-20 18:13:12

Are there any other smaller ones too?

dementedpixie Tue 04-Feb-20 18:13:41

Has she had chicken pox? If looks like a shingles type rash

dementedpixie Tue 04-Feb-20 18:14:27

Are they on one side of the body?

WTFKeee Tue 04-Feb-20 18:15:43

I ask because DS had a wierd rash that was alarming with large blotches and smaller ones too, but he was fine, it was pityriasis

OneHanded Tue 04-Feb-20 18:20:45

I had some patches like that with my last allergic reaction as well as larger hives

SummerSnapdragon Tue 04-Feb-20 19:06:41

Looks like the shingles


Springiscoming20 Tue 04-Feb-20 19:49:10

Sorry for late response have had emergency dash to a pharmacist which was a waste of time. They just said see a dr in the morning - probably because she is actually feeling well. To answer questions, there are a few smaller patches yes. She ma recently had a few allergic reactions with her mouth and face swelling so interesting you think might be this. And it does look like shingles but she has no temp, they don’t itch or burn, more a bet sore. Will see what dr says in the morning. Thank you though!

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