Didn’t notice a room full of people singing happy birthday

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Timrunto Tue 04-Feb-20 18:04:56

So I was at a children’s after school play group .

I organised for everyone to know it’s my childs 7 th birthday .

They normally do a card and birthday song

Background is suffering a bit with mood and tired since new baby aged 4 weeks .

OH was there , but I completely did not notice a whole room of people ( about 50 ) singing happy birthday .OH knew I’m on another planet and just didn’t give me a dug , despite me organising the thing .

Was talking to another parent and missed the whole thing .

What the hell is wrong with me , having other instances of not noticing and forgetting things , or zoning out .

Starting to think there is something wrong with me

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LouReidDododo Tue 04-Feb-20 18:07:58

Your just so fucking tired. I felt like an alien for months after dc were born. I remember walking in to a shop and telling my family member that I needed to go in to boots for XYZ... my family member looked at me and said ‘Lou were IN it’ - was walking round in a daze.

Timrunto Tue 04-Feb-20 18:09:52

Yea I feel like I’m in a daze it’s almost frightening

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Timrunto Tue 04-Feb-20 18:10:29

Almost like I don’t know who or where i am , but I’ve slept lots I don’t understand

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Reginabambina Tue 04-Feb-20 18:12:01

Get your iron levels checked.

LouReidDododo Tue 04-Feb-20 18:26:26

Go to the doctors and get checked out. This could be PND

Timrunto Tue 04-Feb-20 18:44:10

Anyone else ever got like this ?

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EllenRipley Tue 04-Feb-20 18:47:53

I felt like this a month or two after id had a baby. In a complete daze, like I was experiencing everything second hand or from behind a sheet of glass. Often felt weak, woozy and confused. It turned out it was a perfect storm of many post natal things: sleep deprivation, hormones, low iron and a uterine infection brewing. I also ended up with post natal depression. So, it could easily be any of these things OP, don't worry. I think you should go to your GP for a wee check up. Get some bloods done, including your iron (get an iron panel so they can look at your ferritin levels too) and Vitamin D. Don't be afraid to discuss the possibility of possible PND - I think mine arose in part because I was physically feeling so unwell but just thought i should get on with it and cope. It's sometimes hard to just stop and focus on looking after yourself, but it sounds like that's what you need to do. x

Timrunto Tue 04-Feb-20 19:25:07

It feels selfish to just focus on me

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IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat Tue 04-Feb-20 20:34:17

Not selfish at all... you will be no good to anyone else if you don’t look after yourself too...

Runkle Tue 04-Feb-20 23:33:05

Not selfish at all. You need to be well for yourself and your family need you to be well.

Painsnail Tue 04-Feb-20 23:38:35

Not to scaremonger, but I have a lot of absent seizures and they are very like what you describe... Has this been going on a while or is it a resent thing?

alexdgr8 Tue 04-Feb-20 23:39:24

that very comment makes me think you should see the doctor.
good luck.

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