Wwyd re daughter?

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IrisJoy Tue 04-Feb-20 17:13:01

Dd has been feeling sick since Saturday. She had one piece of toast to eat since then (on Sunday) and that's it. But she has no other symptoms. No tummy pain or diarrhoea etc. She won't drink apart from sips of water. She has had two days off school as don't want to send her in if she hasn't eaten (also in case it is a stomach bug).
She also started her period at end of last Week so I was wondering if it could be to do with that.
I was thinking about making her eat some toast or something this evening so she is either sick, or might start to feel better.

Wwyd? I can't just keep her off school indefinitely...

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LizziesTwin Tue 04-Feb-20 17:16:12

Has something happened at school? Is she very self conscious about her period? Poor thing. Is there some nasty test coming up that has made her feel anxious and it’s gone to her stomach? When I was young I used to get stomach pains & be unable to eat, happened when I split up with boyfriends or was made redundant at work. I’d usually lose about a stone in 5 or 6 days and then I’d be fine again.

I hope she’s feeling better soon.

Reginabambina Tue 04-Feb-20 17:19:17

I used to get very bad nausea in the first few years of having periods. Does she have any symptoms of illness not related to digestive issues like fever ofr something?

IrisJoy Tue 04-Feb-20 17:41:56

No other symptoms at all.
But she does suffer from anxiety. I thought it may be that, especially to do eoth going to school with her period; but not eating isn't usually an issue for her at all. Quite the opposite!
Maybe it is that. Thank you.

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FernBritanica Tue 04-Feb-20 17:43:07

How old is she?

IrisJoy Tue 04-Feb-20 18:01:54

She is 12

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LizziesTwin Tue 04-Feb-20 18:18:04

Poor thing. This is probably her first period this term, has the school made any changes to the loos?


IrisJoy Tue 04-Feb-20 19:16:03

No I don't think they have. But this is her first period and she is a worrier/self conscious so I am not ruling that out. But not eating for 3 days seems extreme for her.

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LizziesTwin Tue 04-Feb-20 19:25:15

Is she very private? Is it all a huge shock that this is going to be how the rest of her life is (she probably can’t imagine being in her late 50s or older)? I know that 12 is a very ‘normal’ time to start menstruating nowadays but maybe she’s the first of her friends. Can you try tempting her with something special? Pancakes? You could say you want to practice before Shrove Tuesday. In France they celebrate becoming a woman/first period, it’s a pity we don’t have a similar joyous tradition (I was on a French exchange & staying with a French girl when she started, a cake & a small amount of fuss). My daughters were 15 & 16 when they started so we didn’t have quite the same level of anxiety as they were the last to start of anyone they knew.

IrisJoy Tue 04-Feb-20 20:07:55

I think it probably is that to be honest. I did think about 'making a fuss' but she is private and I think it would have mortified her. I wanted to normalise it as much as possible.
I have tried tempting her but to no avail. I have said she needs to eat something tonight to move things along one way or the other... I hope that's the right thing to do. I do feel for her. She doesn't like blood at the best if times!

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