Yawning so much... is it low iron?

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JJai Tue 04-Feb-20 17:01:08

Hi all,
I wondered if anyone with low iron would recognise the symptoms I have had. My GP said my blood test said I had low iron and has given me iron tablets (ferrous fumarate 210mg 3 times a day) but I'm not sure my symptoms point to this and I'm worry something else is wrong.

I'd imagine low iron would make you tired pretty much all the time, or maybe every evening. But I'm OK the vast majority of the time. And then... about once a week... I start having deep and frequent yawns, I feel cold, lose my appetite and get loose bowels (sorry if TMI). It can last as short as 3 hours sometimes (sometimes longer) and then I'm totally fine again.

I do actually feel really bad when I have these episodes. I get very down and feel like I can't cope with my life. I get very cranky too, I ended up shouting and crying in front of my LO who's only 2yrs old because I was feeling so rubbish. It seems it happens roughly every week, sometimes it's mild and sometimes not. It's nothing to do with work because I had an episode on Boxing Day and again on New Year's Day and I was off work then.

Could these symptoms really be caused by low iron levels?

If anyone with low iron recognise these symptoms could they let me know?

I will persist with the iron tablets in the meantime and hope they will sort me out. I get so down when I feel so rubbish.


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LouMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-Feb-20 15:15:39

Bumping this for you, @JJai and hoping someone's along with advice for you soon. flowers

DustyMaiden Thu 06-Feb-20 15:17:30

I had similar it is a B12 deficiency in my case.

JJai Thu 06-Feb-20 22:33:45

Thanks for your reply dustymaiden. I wouldn’t have guessed b12 deficiency could affect someone so much but just for a few hours. I’m due to see my GP soon and I’m hoping a blood test will help pinpoint what’s going on. Take care.

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Melissana Thu 06-Feb-20 22:35:22

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HarryRug Thu 06-Feb-20 22:51:15

Does sound like B12 and anaemia.

JJai Tue 18-Feb-20 13:04:13

In case anyone is following this thread or finds it in Google searches... migraines have been suggested to me. Repeatitive and excessive yawning can be sign of a migraine coming, and you can have a migraine without the headache.
I'm still awaiting results from blood test.

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