Thrush or something more sinister?!

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Lollipops687 Tue 04-Feb-20 10:15:28

So a couple of months ago, I developed thrush which was difficult to get rid of and I had to treat it several times over a few weeks before it finally gave up and went. At the same time, DH noticed some small white spots/patches on himself. Didn’t shift with Canestan so went to GP who said it looked like thrush. Swab was negative for any antibacterial or fungal infection but GP said that it is often difficult to culture thrush from skin. All other STIs have been ruled out. A second GP also confirmed that DH’s issue looked fungal.

The patches have never really gone (although they did seem to respond a bit to fluconazole which would suggest fungal). DH saw a third GP and this time the GP has said not thrush as would be responding to treatment as has been using anti-fungal products constantly. GP says it could be a thing normally found in much older men where white patches appear on the genitals and was going to speak to a urologist re possible referral as although this white patch thing is very rare and would be particularly unusual at DH’s age, it can also (more rarely) contain pre-cancerous cells.

DH and I are completely freaking out. FIL and DM are also both ill at the minute so feels like there is a lot going on. Stepping outside my health anxiety and being really rational, it seems more likely to be some kind of fungal thing given it happened at same time as I had it, 2 GPs had said it looked fungal, it has been intermittently itchy and the patches all came up at once, it wasn’t gradual.

Has anyone’s DP/DH had anything like this? Some hand-holding would be much appreciated as I feel in a bit of a state given the illness in the family and this is now another load on our plate. sad

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