Please tell me this isn’t shingles

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123Holly Tue 04-Feb-20 00:08:36

I noticed at work just around lunch time I had a strange tingling/burning pain in my hand and down my thumb. Now tonight it’s right up around my elbow and upper arm and it’s so uncomfortable. Very painful on the skin. Skin feels hot to touch around the arm but I’ve noticed a very faint red blotch coming up around my thumb area.
I’ve never seen anyone that’s had shingles but all I know is this feels awful.
Could it just be a trapped nerve?

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TheoriginalLEM Tue 04-Feb-20 00:11:44

I've had shingles- it doesn't look like that, it would also be more blistered and really bloody sore. That's my experience anyway - mine was on my bottom and the sole of my foot hmm

AcrossthePond55 Tue 04-Feb-20 00:20:05

I don't think it's shingles, but IANADoctor. Shingles looks like clusters or lines of chicken pox.

Could you have been bitten by something? Possibly it's allergic or contact dermatitis?

If it hasn't cleared up by morning I'd go see my GP.

123Holly Tue 04-Feb-20 00:23:35

I’ll keep an eye on it. Not feeling great and having to lie on the opposite side in bed because it hurts to touch the skin.
Thank you!

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INeedNewShoes Tue 04-Feb-20 00:31:28

My shingles didn't look like that (The bumps were a lot more prominent.)

Also, if it's reassuring, you can get shingles mildly. I had a mild case and it wasn't too horrendous.

BoneyGrowthFeet Tue 04-Feb-20 04:25:05

It could be the start of it. The tingling and came before the rash came for me. It felt like there was a hair on my back that I couldn’t get off. It takes a while for the rash to develop properly and blister.
Google dermatones. This shows you the map of the nerves of the body and which serves which area. You will see that your thumb area is C6. That goes up arm and across shoulder. Mine was T4. TheoriginalLEM was S1 as that goes from sole of foot and bottom.
The fact that you are not feeling good and don’t want to lie on it is another sign. It can be mild or severe. It’s best to see the doctor asap because if you can get the antibiotics within the first 72 hours then it can limit the length and severity of the illness. Avoid pregnant women as you will be contagious for chicken pox if they’ve never had it. I would call doctors surgery first thing and tell them you suspect shingles.

Shev1996 Tue 04-Feb-20 04:28:56

Doesn’t look like shingles


Yesyesitsme Tue 04-Feb-20 04:58:52

You need antivirals rather than antibiotics if it is shingles. Worth getting it checked out quickly.

Jojo2wyatr Tue 04-Feb-20 05:06:54

Doesn't look like shingles, OP but I'm sorry you are suffering with it. I work in my garden quite a bit and I am always coming in contact with leaves or insects that cause a similar reaction...although you said you noticed it at work, so probably not the does look like an allergic reaction of some kind though...maybe a spider bite? I'm not a doctor either but I do know that shingles is a virus so the GP would probably give you acyclovir tablets. Shingles usually starts off with the itchy tingley feeling and then blisters appear...each blister is about the size of a ▪︎( but circular). The blisters break open and that is when the area gets very itchy and at it's most contagious since shedding virus. It can take 7-10 days to heal and the burning sensation can last for a long time even after the sores have healed...stress is one of the major factors in causing an outbreak as is food in some people (my sister used to get an outbreak after eating too much citrus) sunburn can also cause an outbreak which is why snow skiers break out with a fever blisters(aka herpes I or shingles) after they've gotten a sunburn on the slopes. In most countries you can buy acyclovir cream over the counter at say, a waitrose or Tesco for about £5 for a 2g tube. Apply at first sign of a tingle and if you can catch it in time, you may prevent it from blistering, but if you don't it still can shorten the duration to about 2-3 days instead of a full week.
Well, if it isn't shingles and it's an allergic reaction instead, an antihistamine will help...but as I said, I'mNADoctor, so ring up you GP in the morning, or if you are feeling progressively unwell( fever, severe headache, rash getting worse, vomiting)before morning, a trip to A &E might be needed.
I pray you just have a bit of a rash and all is well now, thoughflowers

QuiteForgetful Tue 04-Feb-20 05:19:27

I don't know, but the tingling and oain sound lije it coukd be! was getting ready for a dr appointment one morning, as I thought I a chest infection (I did) and noticed I had a dark pink band on my side. It looked kind of like a sunburn. I used your exact same words, when asking my doctor, "Please tell me this isn't shingles". Doctor said it was shingles and started me on an anti-viral right away. I was surprised, no blisters or bumpsat all, but the mark was gone the next day. If you begin taking an anti viral in the first 24 hours it is supposed to work well. I hear Gabapentin us prescribed fir shingles nerve pain. Good luck.

QuiteForgetful Tue 04-Feb-20 05:22:36

Excuse those typos please.

BoneyGrowthFeet Tue 04-Feb-20 07:07:27

Yesyesitsme Sorry, yes I should’ve put antivirals not antibiotics.

123Holly Tue 04-Feb-20 16:26:09

Thanks for the replies. It feels just the same today and no marks. I’m off work tomorrow so can get it checked out if it’s no better.

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Jojo2wyatr Tue 04-Feb-20 20:21:54

Glad it hasn't gotten any worse, @123Holly, but sorry that you're still suffering with itflowers

Vix20678 Tue 04-Feb-20 20:25:05

I'm sorry to say this but it looks exactly how my rash looked when I had shingles. It felt so much more painful than it looked!!

I have had it 4 times now. I hope you don't have it.

Runkle Tue 04-Feb-20 23:29:32

I would speak to a pharmacist tomorrow if you can. I've had shingles twice and it didn't look like that. I had an infected finger that was like that in terms of pain and rash spreading though.

Jojo2wyatr Wed 05-Feb-20 14:05:56

Feeling any better @123Holly? Hope you've gotten good news from the GPflowers

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