Aches, pains and feeling on the verge of flu

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damekindness Mon 03-Feb-20 19:06:59

For the past week I've felt increasingly as if I'm about to get the flu, I ache and feel generally off colour, there's a scratchy throat and I feel tense and anxious

It's as likely to be stress as coming down with some sort of lurgy - but how to tell the difference 🤷‍♀️?

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AnneOfCleavage Mon 03-Feb-20 19:15:00

I mean this kindly but flu comes on very rapidly not over days and then hits you like a bus flooring you completely for around two weeks. You generally get a very high temp and cough with flu so this is likely to be a nasty virus which can also make you have a high temp and sore throat and cold like symptoms and generally feeling hideous.

I don't know about stress causing a virus but it can contribute to you being run down and susceptible to bugs that are going around.

It's horrid though so I do sympathise. Drink plenty and gargle with salt water to help the sore throat and just do the bare minimum you can to get by. When I could feel a virus coming on I would quickly do all my ironing and change the bedding etc etc just so I could relax but I realised this just contributed to me feeling worse for longer so now I go to bed as much as I can when I feel rough and it seems to be milder than when I forced myself to do my normal routine.

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