Any dentists or hygienists here? Gums worries

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Pearlywhitesplease Mon 03-Feb-20 13:20:01

So, I have always had issues with tartar formation during my life (I'm 27).

I used to see a dentist and have it removed when I was a teen, but stopped during uni.

I went back a few years ago (23) and it was a disaster, my molars were covered with tartar and the back of my teeth too. After a painful, long appointment I had it all removed and have been seeing my hygienist for the last four years, 3 times a year, including during pregnancies.

She cleans under the gum line, takes about 30 min I'd say, and I use an electric toothbrush at home and floss often (and do it quite vigorously, maybe applying too much pressure). I saw her under a month ago.

Yet recently gums have started bleeding again but I can see no buildups! I don't know what to do anymore, they seem chronically inflamed.

Is there any permament solution to this? To make things worse I also grind my teeth during the night so that makes them even more painful.

Thank you.

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Kilash Mon 03-Feb-20 17:43:45

It is worth seeing a specialist periodontist. After years of regular hygienist appointments ad a good oral hygiene routine I was diagnosed with gum disease - I was told that it is a chronic disease which can flare up (I think mine is hormone related - menopausal!)
I had a deep clean, which was not pleasant but has helped enormously, I was also told to use tepee brushes rather than flossing. I think it's a condition which needs to be 'managed' rather than cured

Judystilldreamsofhorses Mon 03-Feb-20 18:51:20

Not a dentist, but I get bleeding round my upper right wisdom tooth every month just before my period - could it be hormonal? I use a baby toothbrush round that tooth after my electric toothbrush, then a bit of Corsodyl on a cotton bud. My teeth and gums are otherwise healthy, I had a checkup last week. My dentist says gum inflammation with hormonal changes is normal, and the key thing is not to be put off brushing properly. If you saw the hygienist recently it sounds unlikely you have developed a load of calculus since. (Although again, not a dentist.)

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