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nicolajane50 Mon 03-Feb-20 10:56:19

Hi everyone! Im pretty new to mumsnet so forgive me if i babble on! ill introduce myself first and then you can decide if im mad or not!! i am a mum of two beautiful children, my son whos 11 and my daughter who is 10. i cant believe how time has flown! They are both really healthy and active and school thats a bit up and down but not to much of a drama. im a what you call a mature mum, having my two at 39 and 40. The reason im posting on health is im having distortion with my hearing, when i hear people talk at the end of a sentance or word my hearing twangs, a bit like a guitar string, even when i talk i hear it..any noise in fact. just wondering if anyone else has had this this? i am under referral with my ENT but hes unaware of this as my appt have cancelled..until the mdidle of march. iv tried 3 or five times with my DR to see if i can get an earlier appt but no joy as per usual! if any one has experienced this id love to hear from you xxx

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