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Constipation in 22mnth old - what do i do?

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JARM Sun 02-Sep-07 07:54:08

Hi all

Can someone help with DD2 - she is constiapted and in a lot of pain.

Is there anything I can do to help her, or buy over the counter?

Many thanks

RubySlippers Sun 02-Sep-07 07:57:00

have a look at this thread

few things on there may be helpful

tribpot Sun 02-Sep-07 07:57:08

Ooh, poor dd2. There are various things my dh takes but I wouldn't think they were suitable for a little one. Is there a Boots near you with a pharmacy open on a Sunday?

Have you tried neat fruit juice if you normally only give it to her watered down?

JARM Sun 02-Sep-07 07:58:18

Am giving her apple juice this morning, was hoping to get to the pharmacy at sainsburys later as cant get into town today.

arghhhhh, poor little thing, she is just standing there shaking and crying trying to get it out!

3sEnough Sun 02-Sep-07 07:58:24

Lots of 'juice' although preferably water, soft fruit - apricots are particularly good, or load up on strawberries or rasps. Prune juice - either with or without an addition (such as part of a pudding or other drink) is great and does get things moving!

bigknickersbigknockers Sun 02-Sep-07 07:59:27

I think (but you need to check) that you can use califig to make her go to the toilet, but then you need to make sure she drinks plenty and eats fruit and veg. You can try lactulose but IME it cantakequite a while to work and if she is in pain you need something tosort it out sooner rather than latersmile

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