Ovarian cyst

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jessysu Sun 02-Feb-20 18:16:58

I had a baby 12 months ago all fine, today I had a ultrasound of my pelvic area due to me being anaemic it was just Routine but picked up a ovarian cyst in my right ovary. Has anyone else had one? I said what now.. she said I'll write to your doc and see what they want to do. She may leave it or may want extra tests. I said is this serious she said nothing sinister ... but I came home and can't stop worrying as I googled it and it came up people saying they were told a cyst and was actually cancer. I have 4 small children and have just lost my partner and don't know what to think

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justbeingelle Sun 02-Feb-20 20:02:45

I had one which was found during a transvaginal scan. The doctor said they can come and go depending on where you are in your cycle, so they scanned me again on the first day of my next cycle. Because it had grown I then had it removed under keyhole surgery. They can do a blood test (CA125) to check for inflammation markers which may indicate cancer. Mine was fine. The doctor said many woman have them and they go unnoticed and go away on their own which is why they might just leave it depending on the size of it. Were you told what size it was?

jessysu Sun 02-Feb-20 20:09:30

Hi she didn't tell me she was a little rude to be honest and wasn't even going to tell me anything I said I would be going away worried. She said she would do a report for my doc. Hopefully I'll get the results soon as I can see size etc. I have no symptoms.. did you x

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TheHagOnTheHill Mon 03-Feb-20 00:07:02

They're common and not usually a problem pre Meno.Lots if women have them and don't know.

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