Bastard Piles (gross pic obviously not included)

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Flufferbum Sun 02-Feb-20 10:10:45

Im first of all going to apologise for this. As it’s quite frankly disgusting, but I can’t turn to anyone else, so the wonders of Mumsnet is my last port of call. My doctor sings the same tune whether I have gone to see her. I’m relatively young on the grand scale of things - early 20s. I know anyone can get piles okay, but this is really pissing on my parade. It’s ruining my sex life due to pure embarrassment the doctors won’t do anything because it’s not ‘that’ big, I do as they ask and it doesn’t go (must need to be the size of a bastard foot) it is big it’s about the size of half-3/4 the tip of your little finger, but that’s outside of my bum, just sat there, or hung there. I’ve confided in my friends about it as one has chrones and the other IBS but they haven’t experienced them and find it funny, it’s really not funny, it’s awful. It came after a bad bout of constipation, lasting months. I have IBS, where rather than me going to the loo constantly, it’s more like I can’t go. It got to the point of not going for weeks. My diet is really good. Plenty of veg, but I didn’t drink enough water I was on laxatives every single day (as advised by the doctor - wtf) I have it under control now thankfully and I go regularly they’re not hard etc, but it’s still there still huge. I haven’t had any children, and I don’t have a strenuous job. I just want it to go back inside and stay there. I need to reduce its size. I’ve used anusol and germoloids Both the suppositories and the gels/creams - both at the same time, the highest strength you can get. The one the doctor gave me was worse than what you can buy over the counter! I’m at a loss, I want to get it snipped off but she advised me that it isn’t big enough, it would become more painful and would surely just come back. Please can anyone give me some bloody help I know there’s worse things going on in the world but it’s been this for nearly two years. It’s painful, unhygienic and it just makes me feel disgusting! Sorry for the paragraph/story. And I’m sorry for being so bloody dramatic.

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Flufferbum Sun 02-Feb-20 10:24:54

Just bumping it a little bit

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Flufferbum Sun 02-Feb-20 10:25:14

Also I have just name changed to make this thread I’m not a bum troll

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