Nhs sedation for extraction

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Wickedxx Sat 01-Feb-20 17:00:45


I am extremely anxious about visiting the dentist so much so that I didn't go at all for 7 years due to a very bad experience as a child.

I have been visiting my current dentist for over a year now which is a record.

She is lovely and has manged to get me to the point of coping with a scale and polish (I have gingivitis and severe gum recession due to the not going mainly) and I managed to cope with a deep filling 6 months ago.

The trouble is that the deep filling caused me to end up with an abscess which required a serious amount of strong antibiotics, agonising pain and a swollen face.

She has recommended extraction of the tooth but the thought of it makes me want to hide in a cupboard and be physically sick and just allow it to rot in my head.

Not exactly a practical reaction for a rational 38 year old.

So she has suggested a referral for sedation on nhs.
The hospital referral will take 6 months and I really can't wait that long really as the infection could return so as another practice in the group I go to does it on the nhs (3 hour round trip) she has referred me to them.

Im due to go for my consultation soon but I'm dreading the cost.

I am a single mum on a disgustingly low income and I'm terrified it's going to be crazy expensive and I might just have to return to the cupboard hidey rotting in face option as i have very little spare money (post Christmas pre pay day situation).

Has anyone had this done that can tell me what I should expect to pay? And can anyone tell me what i can expect to happen.

Bricking it is an understatement


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VioletCharlotte Sat 01-Feb-20 17:06:03

I paid to have a tooth removed privately under sedation. It cost me £300, but it was worth it IMO. Honestly, it's fine (and I'm a massive wimp when it comes to dentists!) You won't feel a thing and it feels like you're only out for seconds. You'll be a bit wobbly afterwards so will need someone with you to drive you home. It'll be a bit sore once the numbness wears off and you'll be on soft food for a while.

slashlover Sat 01-Feb-20 17:17:09

I'm in Scotland so pay differently. By sedation do you mean intravenous? I had gas and air which was enough to get me through. I've had 4 appointments so far, another 2 to go - MANY extractions, cleaning and fillings.

Wickedxx Sat 01-Feb-20 17:19:51

My dentist said it would involve a needle in my hand so that would be iv i guess. I know or should be less than going private. I asked at my practice and they said they'd tell me at my consultation and I've googled and there is nothing. If it's the band 2 charge it'll be ok but any more and I'll just have to delay it or resort to the cupboard 😭

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slashlover Sat 01-Feb-20 17:20:21

Meant to add - I didn't go for over 20 years as I was so terrified - cried making the appointment with my local dentist, cried in the initial consultation with my local dentist, 15 month referral to the hospital and then cried during my first appointment there. I have my next appointment on Tuesday and I'm actually feeling ok with it.

Grandmi Sat 01-Feb-20 17:22:18

Have just received my nhs appointment and the charge is £62 extraction under sedation.

slashlover Sat 01-Feb-20 17:24:09

They were going to do IV with me but my blood pressure was slightly too high - you'll need someone with you for 24 hours afterwards and they're only supposed to be looking after you so your kids(s) will need to go somewhere else depending on their age.

Not exactly a practical reaction for a rational 38 year old.

I'm 41 and didn't go until my hand was forced.


VioletCharlotte Sat 01-Feb-20 17:26:56

Oh sorry, ignore my post. I see now you said NHS. An extraction is band 2 I believe, but check with the dentist.

Wickedxx Sat 01-Feb-20 17:40:43

So it should should just cost the same as a tooth out. Phew. Might try to relax a bit now.
It's such an irrational fear because I know deep down that no professional would want to hurt me I just had such a terrible time when I was younger.

Thank you all so much

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