Help! Crown/tooth has broken at gumline

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terriblyangryattimes Fri 31-Jan-20 21:41:00

Eating dinner tonight and a front bottom crown came away and the tooth left (which was root canalled in November) is basically level with the gumline.

What can be done to save it/fill the gap? It would of course happen on a friday night 😢😢😢

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terriblyangryattimes Fri 31-Jan-20 22:09:45

Hopeful bump 🦷🦷🦷🦷

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BennytheBall Fri 31-Jan-20 22:11:56

That happened to me.

I had to have the broken bit removed and replaced with an implant.

Worst-case scenario though.

terriblyangryattimes Fri 31-Jan-20 22:22:28

I think this is worst case scenario also. Not sure how the dentist could reattach this crown. Sorry you had to deal with it. Can I ask how long it took to sort, were you left with a gap?

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Fri 31-Jan-20 22:25:08

Depending on the tooth and what was done previously, the dentist might be able to create a kind of built up core, then fix in a new crown with a post. I am not sure that would work on a small tooth - my DP had it done on a lower pre-molar, so front-ish, but still a fairly big tooth.

My surgery has an out of hours service they share with three other surgeries in the area for weekends/holidays, so it might be worth ringing in the morning? My place has an answerphone message with a mobile number, then the on-call dentist groups patients into a slot, usually about 1pm. I’ve never used it - touch wood - but actually went to one my dentist was “hosting” to get impressions redone for a crown after the lab lost mine, as a pre-booked patient.

BennytheBall Sat 01-Feb-20 14:12:31

The first time it happened to me (same tooth), I had a fibreglass post put in and a new crown (old crown had no post). It was £850 and was great until it snapped off at the gumline about 3 years later.

Implant procedure took 6 months and a LOT of money. It was 2nd crown from the front, so not too obvious when I had the gap.

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