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mulberry2018 Fri 31-Jan-20 17:57:40


I was wondering if anyone had advice. Basically I've had 6 weeks off work with a variety of symptoms such as extreme fatigue, dizziness and vertigo, fainting episodes amongst others.

I've had blood tests and all came back fine except for my thyroid which has came back as borderline underactive.

This is the second time in a year it has come back with this reading. My mother, aunt and nan all have thyroid problems and I have also gained a huge amount of weight recently.

Will my doctor do anything for a borderline reading? As I just want to feel normal again and get back to work.

Thank you.

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EssentialHummus Fri 31-Jan-20 18:03:02

You may need to advocate quite hard for treatment (a big ask in your current state I know). Some GPs are dismal with thyroid issues. But yes, a “borderline” reading can in practice be so far from your normal that you feel like death warmed up. flowers

Violetroselily Fri 31-Jan-20 18:23:16

I think NICE guidelines are to treat subclinical hypothyroidism where the patient is symptomatic

Did you have your folate checked? I had terrible dizziness (amongst other symptoms) last year and my folate levels were almost non existent. May be one to ask your GP about

Alfiemoon1 Sat 01-Feb-20 10:20:34

I have terrible vertigo at the moment diagnosed as labrynthitis but have had a blood test to check thyroid b12 etc the results are due on Monday so watching this with interest as I am fed up with feeling dizzy

ibuiltahomeforyou Sat 01-Feb-20 10:53:58

I have also discovered borderline under active thyroid this week, but it looks as though I'll be starting treatment in a fortnight after my next appointment. How was your GP?

nearlynermal Sat 01-Feb-20 11:23:47

They do say it's possible to have near-normal bloods but still feel awful, OP, so I second the advice to push your GP.

mulberry2018 Mon 03-Feb-20 13:27:21

Did you get your results?

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mulberry2018 Tue 04-Feb-20 14:57:06

Thanks everyone for your help. Went to the doctors today and they categorically wouldn't give me any medication. Said to repeat blood test in 6 months so just need to feel awful for another 6 months.

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EssentialHummus Wed 05-Feb-20 07:53:01

Go back, ask for a second opinion, explain that you are feeling very unwell and would like other a small dose of thyroxine to see whether it has an effect, or additional testing. I'm sorry - been there and it is difficult.

twirlypoos Wed 05-Feb-20 07:58:39

What were your figures? I feel rubbish if mines over 2. Please go back and get a second opinion

ditavonteesed Wed 05-Feb-20 10:06:13

I would say you need to keep going back, I had to recheck after 6 weeks after my initial reading which was around 6. After second blood test they started treatment. Think this was about 9 months ago and I've just upped my tablets again, Tsh is 2.5 now, still not low enough for me and gp agrees I need to have a suppressed. The numbers are just a guide and you should be treated on symptoms.

Spidey66 Wed 05-Feb-20 10:13:38

Mine was borderline for a year or so before it actually became proper underactive. My GP would not treat me until I became proper underactive. Personally, I think the NHS figures are too narrow. My own conspiracy theory is that an underactive thyroid=free prescriptions for everything which costs too much. But as I said that's my own theory.

SallyWD Wed 05-Feb-20 10:25:09

I've had this vertigo and fatigue for 5 months. Really scared me. I had loads of blood tests which I assume you've had too - anemia, vitamin b12, vitamin D, etc. All normal except vitamin D and I'm now taking very high dose supplements. Just wondering how old you are? I'm 45 and now convinced it's related to perimenopausal. It took me months to notice my vertigo was much worse before and during my period when oestrogen levels hit rock bottom. I've googled perimenopause and vertigo and it's a fairly common symptom although it doesn't appear listed on site such as NHS. If you are in your 40s it's worth considering the perimenopausal as a possible cause. I also noticed mine got worse with stress. After I had all the blood tests and a full neurological test with my doctor the worry disappeared and I've felt less dizzy. If I have a busy stressful day the vertigo comes back with avegeance. Hope you get this sorted. It's just so debilitating!

SallyWD Wed 05-Feb-20 11:36:34

Peeimenopause can also account for weight gain but I expect you'll tell me you're 22 or something!

Skyejuly Wed 05-Feb-20 11:39:27

I've had borderline 3x in a row yet they just keep saying to have 3monthly tests 👎

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