How urgent is this gum infection

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Fannia Fri 31-Jan-20 06:41:46

I have a broken tooth and it's been a bit painful recently but I hadn't got round to seeing the dentist, now the gum is quite swollen and I can feel it a bit in my cheek running up toward my eye, it's not really painful though.
It's hard for me to get to the dentist today as I have to work and my dentist is in the next town so I have to go on the train. Plus it is Friday and I may not even get an appointment. Next week I have some free days although obviously it would have to be whenever I could get an appointment.
Do you think I need to get seen asap? If it is hard to get an appointment can I treat it at home, as I say it's not too painful but I'm more concerned about the infection.

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DeathMetalMum Fri 31-Jan-20 06:45:14

I'd go today. Tooth infections and tooth pain can be horrible, I wouldn't want to risk the weekend in pain if is possible to see someone today.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 31-Jan-20 07:00:57

Ask for an emergency appointment today. Go to the surgery and wait. If it gets worse over the weekend you won't be able to see a dentist at A &E. You could be developing an infection and that's serious. Also could be extremely painful if my experience of this starting over a weekend years ago is anything to go by.

Fannia Fri 31-Jan-20 07:20:54

Thanks I was thinking I should go but don't want to miss work unless I have to.

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Footle Fri 31-Jan-20 08:43:22

You do have to.

Shylo Fri 31-Jan-20 08:44:47

Agreed , you need to go - I have endless tooth problems and it’s always the advice to get antibiotics ASAP before the infection really gets a grip

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