Worried about colon cancer

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Snowcandle Thu 30-Jan-20 12:43:34

Apologies for tmi.
For a few months now I’ve had problems with my bowels. It’s usually after eating where I will get cramps and need to do a poo or two. Usually it will be normal/soft then followed by loose/very loose. But it’s not all the time. Sometimes I’m perfectly fine and other days my stomach is gassy and gurgling. Usually after my evening meal but a couple of times it’s happened during the day following lunch. Then things settle and I’m back to normal.

I’m confused and worried. I’m over 55 and had bowel screening not so long ago and everything was normal so I will be recalled in 5 years for further screening. I had the camera check to the lower bowel.

I don’t bleed or anything but I am getting into a bit of a state about it. Anxiety levels are high and have been off and on for a while now.

Is this just anxiety playing havoc with my guts? Always been anxious but this has never happened before or lasted so long.

I Have just got an appointment with my gp next week about it but I’m terrified.

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NanTheWiser Thu 30-Jan-20 15:04:31

I'm sure your anxiety isn't helping much. As you've had bowel screening which was negative (although it's not a 100% test) and you've had a clear scope, I doubt whether it's something sinister, but good that you've got an appt with your GP to talk over your worries.
Your symptoms sound like classic IBS, I have most of those symptoms all the time, which have been put down to IBS (although I have never had a scope), so I hope your appt goes well. Good luck!

Snowcandle Thu 30-Jan-20 15:35:39

Thank you. That’s interesting to know you have the same symptoms. How did they diagnose ibs?

I had the flexible sigmoidoscopy which just looks at the lower part of the bowel but not the full colonoscopy. I guess I should be a bit reassured that they didn’t find anything in that but think I will probably need more tests due to my symptoms and age.

I will see what my gp says but I’m terrified and very anxious which is obviously not helping.

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Newcatmum Thu 30-Jan-20 15:47:02

My stepdad is just being discharge from hospital today and they had prepared for the worst as was showing all the symptoms of this. After a colonoscopy and CT scan it's turned out to be an inflamed colon (colitis I think) but the doctor's had prepared him and my mum for bad news.

I've spent a lot of time googling this week as you can imagine and it really doesn't sound like you should be worried if your screening etc was clear.

My mum suffers IBS and anxiety and your symptoms sound exactly like hers. I hope your appointment goes well I really don't think your symptoms sound sinister.

Snowcandle Thu 30-Jan-20 15:55:13

Thank you Newcat.
I think my gp might need to do blood and stool sample tests from what I’ve read so I will hang on for that. I think they are only looking for polyps etc with the flexi sig and they didn’t find any so that’s good. I think this is a fairly new thing where I live because you usually get a pack in the post where you send a sample off and they look for blood. Don’t know if this new screening is any more reliable.

I do have awful anxiety so I’m praying it’s nothing.

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NanTheWiser Thu 30-Jan-20 17:01:39

IBS is a diagnosis arrived at from exclusion. I.e, no other conditions found, but every person will have different symptoms, meaning that there is no defined treatment. A couple of years ago, I had a number of tests done - stool tests to rule out H. pylori and campylobacter, blood tests (FBC) and for coeliac, an abdominal ultrasound (gall bladder and other organs), and lastly, an upper abdominal CT scan specifically to check the pancreas. (Apart from a few incidental findings, nothing of note seen on the scan). So, everything except a bowel scope (which maybe one day I'll end up having!)
Usual advice is to follow the low FODMAP diet for 8 weeks, excluding all those foods which are known to irritate the gut, and slowly reintroducing foods to see if any are the culprit.
Low carb diets can help - I did this 4 years ago, mainly for bloating and acid reflux, and it has been really good for that, but I continue to have digestive problems, which I've just learned to live with (I'm 73, btw).

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