Developed a mole

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vadam Tue 28-Jan-20 19:13:30

I have developed a mole on the side of my neck. It was never there before, but over the past couple months I could feel it but not really see anything.

However today I have noticed just how big it has gotten. It's clearly visible now.

It has no colour to it, but I'm worried at that fact it's new and suddenly come out of nowhere.

Should I see a GP about this?

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vadam Tue 28-Jan-20 22:03:03

Bumping for myself

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Ladyface Tue 28-Jan-20 22:06:53

I would get it checked out just to put your mind at rest. I have had two moles removed, one turned out to be fine but was changing colour so they removed it, the other was a basal cell on my face.

Somethingsosimple Wed 29-Jan-20 12:36:02

Could it be a seborrheic keratosis? They develop with age and completely harmless. Trying googling a picture

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