Perindopril erbumine

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WitchQueenofDarkness Mon 27-Jan-20 19:21:29

Any one on this? I've just been diagnosed with high blood pressure (140/94) and the GP wants to put me on these.

I have no lifestyle risk factors at all ( BMI 23, walk 5 miles+ every day, been vegetarian for nearly 40 years, low cholesterol, drink minimal coffee, 4 units of alcohol a week (if that) and teach meditation!) and already take magnesium supplement and avoid salt. DF had a stroke in his 80s but that was caused by arterial fibrillation and an abnormally slow heart rate - neither of which I have!

I've had really bad experiences with prescription medication in the past so I'm really reluctant to go on to permanent medication.

Also has anyone found any resources that actually specify what my additional stroke risk factors are? All I'm finding on Dr Google is not helpful for real risk assessment purposes.

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Katharinblum Mon 27-Jan-20 21:31:57

If that is your average bp and it's still highish despite your lack of lifestyle risk
factors I'd probably take the medication. I was in a similar situation - run for years, normal cholesterol, never smoked, healthy diet (although not a vegetarian) but I do have a close family history of cardiovascular disease. I discovered that my bp was consistently high (actually the same as yours but also higher when stressed !) and was really reluctant to take medication. I actually struggled to accept that it was high and buried my head in the sand. After a bit of rational thinking I realised that the benefits of taking it far out weighed the risks of stroke, heart attack, angina etc. There can be side effects but not everyone experiences them and there are alternatives if you do. I take a small dose of ramipril (similar to perindrapril) and apart from a tickly cough initially have had none but can rest assured that my bp is now normal (120/70)

WitchQueenofDarkness Tue 28-Jan-20 10:34:06

@Katharinblum - thank you.

What concerns me too is that I haven't even seen a dr. It's the nurse practitioner who is driving this although I assume her prescription is signed off by one of the GPs.

I think I'm going to continue to press for the ABPM before I agree to a lifetime of drug therapy.

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Katharinblum Tue 28-Jan-20 10:56:10

Yes definitely see your gp. It could be a random high reading caused by whitecoat syndrome but equally if it's not high blood pressure could silently be damaging internal organs like the kidneys, blood vessels and putting a strain on the heart. I've come round to thinking that a 'lifetime of drug therapy' is actually lengthening my life wink

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