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Pinkterest Sun 26-Jan-20 22:15:52


I wanted to start this thread as I think I may have exhausted google searches on food hygiene throughout my life and need to give it a break. Essentially I am very aware of food hygiene and sometimes get myself caught up in the right things to do in relation to cooking, storing, and reheating etc. I often find myself cooking or buying something that I don't eat because I'm worried about something and often put myself on the 'beige diet'.. oh aaand google just confuses me.

I was hoping to use this thread to ask generic questions about food that I make and eat and to talk about these things to also gather a bit of advice from normal people?

Thank you

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MyFamilyAndOtherAnimals1 Sun 26-Jan-20 22:40:17

What's the beige diet? Isn't that unhealthier than eating things that are out of date?

Pinkterest Mon 27-Jan-20 07:02:26

So the 'beige' diet is eating things like biscuits, toast etc, that I feel are a bit safer

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MyFamilyAndOtherAnimals1 Mon 27-Jan-20 14:50:44


(I mean, this is just stupid. Poor dietary choice is the no.1 cause of death in the UK, with a large proportion of the population being malnourished (due to insufficient nutrients/vitamins/minerals) because they don't eat a varied diet of healthy foods.)

Pinkterest Mon 27-Jan-20 15:40:40

So are you saying this is a stupid question? I'm confused by your reply.

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MyFamilyAndOtherAnimals1 Mon 27-Jan-20 15:46:01

What is your question, OP?

Wildorchidz Mon 27-Jan-20 15:47:49

So you have an anxiety issue around food safety? Have you ever sought professional help for it?


picklemeCleg Mon 27-Jan-20 15:58:51

Are you asking for a place for 'what do ordinary people do if.... the yogurt was left on the counter overnight/the biscuits are past the date' etc?

You can do that, if you are worried about it. I'm pretty hot on food safety issues- I don't follow the advice, but I know what the advice is!

Pinkterest Mon 27-Jan-20 18:37:45

Yes as mentioned above just looking for a bit of advice - I assumed that's what this was for. I imagine I do over worry a little bit but I am within the norm levels of anxiety around something that is manageable.

Just thought I'd try Mumsnet for advice and a chat about it

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0ttilie Mon 27-Jan-20 19:17:59

Is there something specific you worry about? Food poisoning?

0ttilie Mon 27-Jan-20 20:41:39

Or this kind of scenario: You cook a chicken on Sunday. Eat some of it cold on Monday. But still have some left. If you then make a curry can you freeze it? And then reheat it? Or could you freeze the left over chicken and defrost it and then make a curry and freeze it again?

picklemeCleg Mon 27-Jan-20 20:58:31

Yes, you can talk about that here. People can jump in and discuss it.

Or you could post a new thread every time you have a question. Up to you.

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