Sore throat?

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Lucy566 Sun 26-Jan-20 21:29:01

I’ve had 5 lots of tonsillitis in 6 months. 4 bacterial 1 viral, so 4 lots of antibiotics. I asked to be refered to ent as it was a lot of pain and they said no you have to have been on antibiotics 7 times. My sore throat didn’t go away after my last round of tonsillitis. So I’ve been to the doctors and they check my tonsils and say they’re not inflamed or red, they don’t know what’s wrong, and to just keep taking painkillers. Won’t refer me to ent unless it gets worse and even then I’ll be waiting a long time they said. Had a sore throat around 5 weeks now, last week I went in and told them I thought it was acid reflux as I had suffered Int he past with it and was searching it. She said it might be that and gave me meds, been on them 6 days but they haven’t taken the pain away one bit. Tried gaviscon, salt water gargle, alkaline water as they say that helps acid reflux, sleeping on more pillows. Nothing gets rid of it. Has anyone had this happen?

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