I'm fed up of feeling rubbish

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needanewnamechange Sat 25-Jan-20 11:51:25

Just before Christmas I caught a cold I felt rubbish but carried on as so busy run up to Christmas. I felt better by Christmas Eve and enjoyed Christmas. The new year my cold had spread to my chest and I started coughing. Now towards the end of January it's getting better and I've felt ok some days but others not so good . I woke up this week with a bad sore throat and feeling rubbish again . I've been taking cough medicine and paracetamol when I've felt worse . I've not taken any sick days as not that bad but I just don't feel myself and I'm fed up now. I'm trying to eat healthy and exercise but I'm mostly not feeling up to it .
Any advice or do I just let this cold run its course ? . The odd person has told me to go to the doctors but that's not a easy task and what can they suggest ? .
I'm very rarely ill a cold normally lasts me a couple of days but this is holding me back I don't want to make plans as I feel so rubbish .

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nex18 Sat 25-Jan-20 13:07:03

Go and have a chat with a pharmacist. They might recommend something different over the counter and they’ll say if they think you need to go to the GP (there’s a risk of a secondary infection that needs treating).
I have been unwell since the end of November, I have found the pharmacists really good at suggesting things but also saying go to the GP in 2 days if no better. I have trialed most over the counter cold and flu remedies in that time! If you’re snotty, I can highly recommend Sterimar nasal spray, it’s basically like jet washing your nostrils!
I’m now on my third course of antibiotics as I now have pneumonia. I’m sure I would be better if the GP had listened to the advice of the pharmacist and given a longer course of antibiotics last time...

needanewnamechange Sat 25-Jan-20 15:02:38

Thanks for the comment, I'm not snotty now it's the cough a bit although better and my throat is sore . I can feel mucus at the back of my throat so possibly some sort of infection. I just feel really run down . I just bobbed out to run a couple of errands and I feel wiped out . Before Christmas I was running 3 times a week and now I'm tired nipping to the supermarket.
I'll have a chat to the pharmacist .

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nex18 Sun 26-Jan-20 10:15:23

My daughter’s had the same too, her tip would be to eat toast to get rid of the mucousy throat!
Fingers crossed we’re all feeling better soon.

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