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huff SIGH i really think there is something wrong with me but its so wishy washy

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nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 14:41:35

when i get up in the morning i feel great
NO MATTER WHAT i eat, it makes me feel like a giant balloon - EXTREMEMLY bloated and SHITTY
i have stopped eating bread
(thoght that was the prob) and by god i miss it, but now it seems that it doesnt matter what i have
bran flakes
anything at all
i had carrot and coriander soupfor lunch and it gets worse and worse as the day goes on
for tht reason i usually miss dinner as i feel so shite and bloated
also my skin is dry but i have spots
im 34 and i have a spot

Tatties Fri 31-Aug-07 14:43:53

Do you feel nauseous?

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 14:45:11

by mid afternoon i cant even look at food
i have to make the tea for dh and dds but i dont mind that - just dont ask me to eat it

totaleclipse Fri 31-Aug-07 14:45:29


SauerKraut Fri 31-Aug-07 14:46:15

I felt like this too and started doing an hour of exercise a day. It makes a huge difference.

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 14:46:25

but IBS is painful isnt it? im not in pain

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 14:46:42

i go to the gym 3 times a week

Jackstini Fri 31-Aug-07 14:48:04

Have you tried cutting out all gluten? Maybe docs could refer you for intolerance testing. Still worth checking for IBS - is not always painful in early stages

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 14:48:54

ibs has bowel symptoms too thought doesnt it? bowels ar fine
i might speak to dr

Tatties Fri 31-Aug-07 14:49:54

I have been suffering with something similar recently; feel fine in the morning but by the afternoon I feel nauseous and generally crap, don't feel like doing anything. I went to the doc about it and am taking some tablets (to reduce the production of acid in the stomach) which seem to be helping

Nbg Fri 31-Aug-07 14:50:38

Just thinking Gluten too as that can make you bloated.

How are your stools me dear? grin

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 14:54:00

stools are lovely. like soft podgy sausages. every morning like clockwork
gillian mckeith would be proud

so gluten is - bread? i stopped eating bread (about a year ago) and it helped a bit

princessmel Fri 31-Aug-07 14:55:21

There is gluten in loads of things. Not just bread.

Nbg Fri 31-Aug-07 14:56:13

Gluten is in alot of things.
You will have to become a strict label reader but it might rule it out for you.

Some of the gluten free stuff is a bit revolting.

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 14:57:41

id rather not eat it than have gluten free bread/biscuits etc

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 15:03:07

ive made drs appt for monday morning

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