I'm worried. Please help

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MagicalCreatures Sat 25-Jan-20 08:55:42

So I've had a sickness bug/food poisoning not sure which. It started Wednesday night. I threw my guts up at half 12 weds night and haven't been sick. Thursday evening I had 1 glass of multivitamin juice which I'm aware can turn your urine a funny colour.
But this morning it still is and it's been a very dark pink almost blood looking colour. Weirdly I'm still getting pains in my stomach too and feeling queasy, hot, pains in my upper and middle back area. I've drunk loads of water since so should my urine still be such a strong awful colour. I'm getting worried now.

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abbekusum Sat 25-Jan-20 10:46:17

I’d say you definitely need to see your GP today... insist to be seen by them as acutely unwell with possible haematuria, and describe the rest of your symptoms. Some urine tests and possibly blood tests will be needed to diagnose what’s going on.

MagicalCreatures Mon 27-Jan-20 10:28:33

Thanks so much. I did get an out of hours doctors appt and when I peed in the pot to give a urine sample, I almost fainted. It was almost black. Hadn't realised just how bad it was because down the toilet it's diluted into all the water. So yes, I have a very serious Urine infection which I now have antibiotics for. And an appt with urology. Wee was sent off for testing.
And for future reference, because I couldn't find any info about it, the doctor said yes, the one glass of multivitamin juice should definitely have passed through and should be leaving no trace of colour 36 hours later.

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abbekusum Mon 27-Jan-20 15:17:13

Great! Glad you got seen and started some treatment. Keep drinking lots of water and the urine colour should improve.

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